UK ISP That Used To Cut Off Users On Accusation Now Wants Court Order

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It’s amazing what a little publicity can do. Often when we write about things here, people who disagree with us post comments along the lines of “if you don’t like it, stop talking about it and change it.” They say this as if getting some publicity on a bad situation doesn’t help change it. A few weeks ago, we wrote about Karoo, an ISP in the UK that wasn’t just taking claims of unauthorized file sharing from the entertainment industry against its customers at face value, but was cutting them off on the very first accusation, with no real recourse. Except, after all the publicity from the original BBC report and others discussing it, Karoo quickly caved in, and said it would switch to a three strikes policy. Now, a few weeks later, the company is admitting that it will only disconnect someone over file sharing if it gets a court order. So in the period of just a few weeks, a little publicity turned a bad situation into a much better one.

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