Taser Drops Misguided Lawsuit Against Second Life

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Back in April, we had a story about how Taser was suing Second Life’s parent company Linden Lab because some users in the game had created fake Taser-like virtual stun guns. Yes, seriously. It was hard to see how Linden Lab would be responsible for the actions of its users, but Taser has a long history of being ridiculously overaggressive in trying to protect its brand. However, perhaps someone explained how unlikely its chances were in court, because the company has dropped the lawsuit. Anyone know if Taser-like devices are still around in Second Life?

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Comments on “Taser Drops Misguided Lawsuit Against Second Life”

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Ake says:

Linden lab responsible for user-created content...

This is indeed rather ridiculous. however, I was wondering…
“””It was hard to see how Linden Lab would be responsible for the actions of its users”””

Haven’t been much on 2nd life (roughly 40 min. in total 2 years ago) but I believe that the content created by users has to be validated by Linden Lab to be released in the virtual world. In the process, Linden lab acquires every possible right over the created object (piece of clothing or 3D animation or taser model). They hence are the legal owners of everything in the 2nd life world, including user-created content.

So, I guess that yeah, they can be responsible of their users actions in this case (when users create content).

Bryan (user link) says:

Content does not have to be Validated

I had a run of about 6 months on SL a year or so ago, my wife still plays… You create content on the fly and once your done with it you can do whatever you want with it, they dont look at anything as far as user created content. Unless they get a direct complaint about something, then they will look into it. They have no way to validate everything, when a creative spurt comes along the users can create thousands of new/improved items per week.

Joe says:


“Taser has a long history of being ridiculously overaggressive in trying to protect its brand.”

Why shouldn’t Taser defend its brand against the lies being published about it every day in the media echo-chamber by journalist wannabes who only repeat what others say instead of doing their own research?

Every single death involving Tasers has been extensively examined by independent coroners, courts, and juries and none of them have found that Taser “caused” the death. Only in about 30 cases has Taser been found to possibly have contributed to the death? Tasers have been used over 600,000 times. You figure it out.

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