Google Not Liable For 'Defamatory' Search Result Snippets In The UK

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For many years there have been legal disputes over the way that Google shows a short “snippet” of a page in its search results. Some have charged that the results themselves may be libelous. In fact, in a bizarre recent Dutch court ruling, the site that such a snippet linked to was found liable, even though the problem was the way Google’s algorithm constructed the snippet. So… of course, there are lawsuits against Google for its snippets as well. However, some good news out of the UK, as a court has found that Google should not be liable for search result snippets even if the content of the snippet is defamatory. The judge seems to clearly recognize that Google is just a search engine, and blaming it as if it were the publisher of such content makes no sense at all.

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Comments on “Google Not Liable For 'Defamatory' Search Result Snippets In The UK”

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Neo-Leper (profile) says:

I think if I get in an accident, say a drunk driver hits me, then since the town/city/state provide the roads I should sue the town/city/state.

That makes as much sense as suing Google or any other search engine for search results that catalog something that they did not create or even like or agree with. What next, suing God because a wild animal attacks a human and causes injury?

In my opinion we live in a society of wimps and idiots!

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