LeBron James Discovering What Happens When You Try To Suppress Something

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Every time you think people understand that trying to suppress some kind of information only draws more attention to it, it happens again. The latest, as pointed out by Tim O’Reilly is that basketball star LeBron James had videos confiscated after he was dunked on by a college sophomore — and because of that it’s now being written up on various news sites and blogs. If he’d just let the video go out it may have amused a few people but no one would have thought any less of James, one of the best players ever to play the game. Instead, even more people are finding out about it and makes James look really insecure and controlling. In fact, the Rivals.com points out that because the video can’t be seen, people will just assume it makes James look as bad as possible:

The Crawford dunk would have been a temporary embarrassment for LeBron. Let’s say the video was put on YouTube. It blows up for a bit, dominates blogs for 36 hours, everyone has a good chuckle and then it’s forgotten about.

But by censoring the tape, LeBron turns the dunk into a legend. On video, it’s just a dunk. Without video, the jam can reach mythic proportions. Because nobody can see it, the story of the dunk will grow in stature with each telling. Today, it was a simple two-handed slam. In a few days, it will be a 360-degree windmill. By the time Crawford makes his Xavier debut in October, he will have jumped off LeBron’s shoulders, flipped in the air, slammed the ball home with his left pinkie and then handed LeBron $3.99 for his dry cleaning.

One day, perhaps, people will learn…

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Comments on “LeBron James Discovering What Happens When You Try To Suppress Something”

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yogi says:


This case is truly ironic – he confiscated the tapes in order to protect his image of “the best player on earth” but by suppressing the tapes he appears as a truly pathetic s.o.b and as an immature, spoiled brat turned tyrant.I hopes he enjoys his new image…

As good as he is on the court, he seems to be a real prick off of it. And pretty stupid as well.

Anonymous Poster says:

By the time Crawford makes his Xavier debut in October, he will have jumped off LeBron’s shoulders, flipped in the air, slammed the ball home with his left pinkie and then handed LeBron $3.99 for his dry cleaning.

Okay, that’s just hilarious.

As is this whole situation. Nike and LeBron should have known better.

JustTheFacts says:

From my understanding this happened at a Nike basketball camp that LeBron is part of and it was Nike that doesn’t allow people to film inside the camp. They (Nike) were the ones who suppressed the film not LeBron. I’m sure LeBron probably doesn’t even care that someone dunked on him, it’s not the first time and probably won’t be the last time. It’s just part of the game, it happens. I’m betting Nike is more concerned with LeBron’s “image” than LeBron is.

Aaron (profile) says:

Its already growing

The first time I read this story elsewhere (http://thehoopdoctors.com/online2/2009/07/lebron-got-dunked-on-nike-confiscates-video-footage/ and http://gary-parrish.blogs.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/entry/6271764/15942689) it was Nike that seized the video saying it made one of their promo employees look bad. The only way anyone said it was LeBron was some one’s assumption. Now this article and the one at Yahoo is saying it was LeBron, so which is it? If it really was LeBron it makes him look bad, but if it’s Nike doing it to protect him as a marketing resource they need to put out a press release or something because they are making him look really bad.

itchyfish says:

Re: Its already growing

I also got the same information that it was Nike, not LeBron that yanked the video. This wasn’t the first (or last) time LeBron has been (will be) dunked on, so for him, it’s probably not that big of deal. But if the kid was wearing Reeboks, then it’s a potentially huge embarrasment for Nike.

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