L'Oreal Keeps Trying: Appeals French Ruling Against eBay

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It appears that L’Oreal just refuses to give up. The company has sued eBay in a bunch of different countries trying to get a court somewhere to admit that eBay is somehow liable for actions of its users. To date, it’s been a clean shutout against L’Oreal, who has lost cases in Belgium, the UK and France (I believe cases are still pending in Germany and Spain, though it’s hard to keep up). The ruling in France was the biggest surprise, given that French courts have ruled the other way in the past. Given that, it looks like L’Oreal isn’t done yet on its home turf, as it’s appealing the ruling in France. At some point, one would hope that L’Oreal would realize that going after eBay is targeting the wrong party, but it appears that no one at L’Oreal seems all that interested in actually understanding the issues, and wants to see how many shots it can get at making eBay pay up.

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