French Court Orders P2P News Site To Report On File Sharing Convictions

from the freedom-of-the-press? dept

Here’s an odd one. Apparently a French news site that focuses on file sharing/BitTorrent/P2P news has been ordered by a court to report on the convictions of file sharers in France. It’s not entirely clear under what laws, but perhaps it’s a “fairness doctrine” type of thing. Apparently, the big entertainment companies took the site to court over its failure to report on the convictions. The site is more well known for pushing back against things like three strikes laws or the typical propaganda from the industry — so the industry pushed it to also publish news of the convictions. What’s weird is that these “conviction reports” include lots of personal information on those who were convicted, including names, addresses, and birth dates. I’m somewhat surprised the site didn’t try to put these convictions into a bit more “context” to show how silly or unreasonable they might be — but perhaps the court order forbids that.

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Comments on “French Court Orders P2P News Site To Report On File Sharing Convictions”

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Fabrice Epelboin (profile) says:

not excatly

It’s a very usual court order in France, the new thing here is that usualy, it’s published in a normal (offline) newspaper.

Numerama is a technews website among the very few who battled against the Hadopi law (Numerama,, PCimpact and ReadWriteWeb France). It has a very big trafic, this is why the court decided to publish the conviction on Numerama.

On a sidenote, Guillaume Champeau from Numerama wrote a post about how he would disable crawlers on the conviction in order for the content not to be cached by google.

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