Nintendo Wii Doesn't Infringe On DVD Playing/Parental Control Patent

from the good-news dept

It’s nice to see a patent lawsuit go in the right direction. A judge in LA has tossed out a patent infringement lawsuit against Nintendo concerning parental controls on DVD players. The only problem? The Wii doesn’t play DVDs. Of course, Nintendo still faces a number of other patent infringement lawsuits, but at least this one was dealt with relatively quickly.

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Comments on “Nintendo Wii Doesn't Infringe On DVD Playing/Parental Control Patent”

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Mike Masnick (profile) says:

Re: Re: Frivolous?

If anything Mike, you should hold this story up as proof that the copyright / patent systems WORK, no?

Uh, not at all. The fact that anyone even thought this could work shows how far gone the patent system is. The fact that Nintendo had to spend time and money responding to such an obviously false claim shows how far gone the patent system is.

zellamayzao says:

Very smart move on Nintendo’s part not allowing their system to play dvd’s. Though if it had the ability to play blue ray that would be one cheap blue ray player and they would have sold that many more systems. Even thought it took me quite a while to find one for my fiance.

Silly lawyers thinking oh Nintendo is a big international company and the Wii relies on discs to play games so it has to be infringing on something for movies….lets sue. sue sue sue sue. And they wonder where the nickname *sharks* came from

Yakko Warner says:

What about the others?

So does this mean Sony and Microsoft are infringing? Are they being sued, or are they already licensing this patent?

And how does this patent not fall under “obvious”? DVDs have a rating. Feature request: let a user decide what ratings they want their system to be allowed to play.

And that deserves a patent??

smilelin says:

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James Milton (profile) says:

Uh, it is really intresting and heartstopping stories. I hope that everything is fine now. That’s why after visiting this all my concerns were dissapeared. I think that all parents must track their kinds and use all parental control application. You don’t need to worry about anything. Just follow this rules.

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