The Worst Proposed Internet Legislation In America

from the iAwful dept

NetChoice has put together “iAwful,” a site tracking the worst proposed internet legislation, ranked by the seriousness of the threat (both the amount of damage the laws can do, and the liklihood of them passing). Some of the proposed laws on the list you’ll recognize, as we’ve discussed them here. Overall, though, this looks to be a great source if you’re worried about politicians passing innovation-destroying laws:

Knee-jerk, overly prescriptive laws can destroy whole business models or stifle innovative new forms of communication before they have a chance to emerge. Too many laws are proposed without considering unintended harm they may cause to thousands of Internet companies and millions of Internet users.

NetChoice is dedicated to fighting these attacks on core Internet principles. Through this site, the Internet Advocates’ Watchlist For Ugly Laws (iAWFUL) will track dangerous legislation and mobilize citizens to defeat bills and proposals that threaten the future of ecommerce and online communication. The list will be continually updated to reflect the most immediate dangers, based on regulatory severity and likelihood of passage.

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