No Surprise Here: Three Strikes Law Creates Opportunity For Encrypted VPN Services In France

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Just as we saw how stricter laws on unauthorized file sharing increased the demand for encryption services in Sweden, Dan alerts us to the news that new encryption services are popping up in France in response to that country’s recent approval of a law to kick file sharers off the internet. And so the cat and mouse game continues. Perhaps at some point, rather than fighting new technologies and consumer wishes, some of these politicians and copyright holders will decide to embrace the technology and use it to their advantage. Otherwise, they’re just going to find that they’ll keep passing ever more useless laws, driving people to newer and newer technologies to get around those laws.

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Comments on “No Surprise Here: Three Strikes Law Creates Opportunity For Encrypted VPN Services In France”

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Anonymous Coward says:

I think the true reason that the RIAA and MPAA wants to eliminate file sharing is because it allows other bands to advance without their help. Hence they lose profits. It’s not really about file sharing harming the artists, it probably helps artists more than it harms them, but it harms the RIAA and MPAA by removing them as a necessary means to advancement.

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