If You Rob A Bank, Perhaps You Shouldn't Brag About It On MySpace

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There certainly have been plenty of stories of incredibly dumb criminals bragging about their crimes on social networking sites — only to realize too late that the police use such sites too. The latest is a bank robber who bragged about the robbery on Myspace, saying “On tha run for robbin a bank Love all of yall.” Of course, the police didn’t happen to notice this until they were tipped off by someone who recognized the guy in a television report that flashed a photo of the suspect. However, it makes it a bit harder to defend when the guy effectively confessed on MySpace.

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Comments on “If You Rob A Bank, Perhaps You Shouldn't Brag About It On MySpace”

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Norm says:


I recall a short while ago some high school prom party goers were posting on Myspace (or Facebook) and the police raided the party. HOLY CRAP the outrage against the police for having an account.

Once tipped off wouldn’t the police have to make an account – perhaps “fake” – to read this guy’s postings?

I’m telling you, it’s all how Mike slants the title to the direction the posting goes.

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