Iran Blocks Facebook… Though There Are Disagreements About The Reason

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There were a bunch of stories this weekend talking about how Facebook appeared to be blocked in Iran, with many assuming that it was due to upcoming elections, where some reformist candidates have been using the social networking site to build support. Current President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is apparently claiming that he has nothing to do with it, and that he “believe[s] in maximum freedom of expression,” and that he’ll “look into” the block. Meanwhile, others are claiming the ban is for moral, rather than political reasons. The reality is probably a bit of both — with the government being able to use the cover of “morality” to block an effective organizing technique for an opposition candidate. Either way, this action only seems to be calling more attention to the opposition candidate, so if the goal was to stifle his campaign, it might just have backfired.

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Comments on “Iran Blocks Facebook… Though There Are Disagreements About The Reason”

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facebook connect (user link) says:

facebook connect

Im from iran, thx guys for your lovely and hopeful comments,
as is written in this article face book is blocked in iran, I realized it today and is exactly right that we dont like our current president to be president again cuz he annoyed us alot, and we really like mousavi, and cuz we all are members of his group in facebook ahmadi nejad has blocked facebook

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