Howard Berman Looks To Send More Hated US IP Cops Around The Globe

from the enforcing-monopoly-is-hard-work dept

Earlier this year, we wrote about how the US’s international copyright cops were complaining how people in other countries didn’t like them very much. Specifically, they seemed shocked that other countries didn’t necessarily agree with the US’s view of copyright. Also, in that post, we had a quote from the US Chamber of Commerce, who was quite worried about “anti-IP activists” who were a “threat” rather than folks providing evidence of how excessive IP can do a lot more harm than good for industry. It’s amazing that people providing evidence and data of how to build better businesses by adopting alternative models and trying to limit the damage done by excessive IP are considered a “threat.”

Either way, it should come as little surprise that the Chamber of Commerce is now applauding the fact that Rep. Howard Berman (the Rep from Hollywood, who’s never seen a copyright law he couldn’t make more draconian) is trying to increase the number of US IP cops trolling the world trying to bully and cajole other countries into implementing more draconian copyright rules, no matter how much it goes against their own self interest. The details are hidden in The Foreign Relations Authorization Act because who could be against that, especially since it also authorizes funds for the Peace Corp?

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Comments on “Howard Berman Looks To Send More Hated US IP Cops Around The Globe”

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Killer_Tofu (profile) says:

A small point to disagree on

Hey Mike, I must disagree with this sentence:
Specifically, they seemed shocked that other countries didn’t necessarily agree with the US’s view of copyright.

That certainly does not seem to be your view, it is definitely not my view, or probably not most of the rest of America’s view on copyright. It is just the view of those who are in control at the moment and paid to view it that way by big content and other lazy people who don’t want to adapt to technology’s advancements.
You could say the ‘current US government’s view’ and I would be perfectly fine with that statement. They in no way are representing the interests of the public at this point though, only the very few fake artists.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: A small point to disagree on

Since we are talking about law it would be assumed that one was talking about the US government. If he was saying “The US really hate those greasy Italians” one would think the general population of US for some reason hate Italian folk and not the governing body was holding a strange opinion in particular.

Killer_Tofu (profile) says:

Re: Re: A small point to disagree on

Kind of maybe sort of.
Still, the longer distance I can keep from the copyright maximalists, the better.

There are some laws that most of us agree on though. Like murder is bad. These copyright laws most of the public wouldn’t agree with.
In my generation, I can’t say I know anyone who does. There are a couple fence straddlers, but that is as close as it gets.

Anonymous Coward says:

Okay. Well, here we go

It’s always difficult to get a meeting with Howard.

So, Howard Berman needs to meet me at Venice Beach at 12:50 this afternoon for a straight man-to-man talk. I’ll wear a blue shirt and brown shorts. I expect him to wear khacki pants and a white shirt with a tie. No coat.

Topics of discussion will be how I’m prepared to pull together the best, and most amazing group of people together to combat his own corporate sponsors. It will be accomplished with the best, and least blood-soaked money on the planet. The dollar holds no meaning: my partners will pay artists in Euros or Swiss Francs if need be.

Venice Beach Pier. You drive in on Washington Ave and there it is. Come 1:07, I’m heading home. I assume he knows where it’s at. Unless he’s new to the area.

NullOp says:

The point of it all...

The ENTIRE argument regarding IP law is based on ONE THING ONLY. Those that had NOTHING to do with the creation want as much of the money for that creation as they can get. Period, f’ing case closed. The ‘popular’ American society is based on privilidge, expectation and entitlement! Another word is GREED.

Wonder why people in other countries don’t like you? Because you’re a flaming, greed driven, oppressive fat-cat! IDIOT!

Anonymous Coward says:

Whelp, he didn’t show up. Somehow, I am not surprised. Kinda like his office staff, I think they take notes so the paper shredder stays employed.

So who the hell voted for this guy? He needs to be let go.

I guess it’s onto uh… um… Hmmm. Working with Terry McBride and the Canadian Government…?

I suppose I could drive 20 miles down to the WEA HQ but, that dark rimed glasses guy probably is out of town too, and I didn’t really expect to give a presentation to them. But I could stay on I-5 North until it turns into CA-99 and probably make it to Nettwerk and get more done on Tuesday.

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