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If You're Kidnapping Someone, Maybe Don't Search Google For 'Kidnapping'

from the be-careful-what-you-search-for dept

We’ve seen a few stories in the past of an people’s Google searches being used in court to convict them — because it strikes people as quite a coincidence when you just so happened to Google the crime you’re accused of committing right after (or before!) it happens. Michael Scott points us to the latest such case, where someone accused of kidnapping a 17-year-old girl in Palo Alto apparently searched the news for terms related to kidnapping and sexual assault. Of course, one could argue that it could just be someone interested in the case — but assuming there’s additional evidence, then it could be pretty damning. In the meantime, if you’re going out and committing crimes, perhaps don’t search for related terms on any machine that can be traced to you…

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Comments on “If You're Kidnapping Someone, Maybe Don't Search Google For 'Kidnapping'”

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Killer_Tofu (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

Not the few I have been to around here.
Although they may have changed in the past two years (that was last time I was book searching at them).
They don’t even scan the card to see that you are there. Only if you check out a book. =)

It would make good sense though for them to monitor. I guess. Not much use though unless somebody is looking up porn .. or kidnapping.

Trevlac says:

Re: That's what...

Best way to use a computer is get a laptop and pull out the hard drive. Boot to a small live distribution of Linux and just use an 8-16GB flash drive for temporary storage. That is, if you’re doing anything illegal. Flash drives can easily be disposed of or completely erased.

Trevlac says:

Re: Re: Re: That's what...

Oh nevermind, there goes my faith again. Hard drives store any data and therefore EVIDENCE of what you did. Data forensics (my job) specifically caters to retrieval of data for court. We can get stuff that’s been erased or formatted over for years. Even off of bad or broken hard drives. So yeah, not having one is the only 100% secure way.

dude says:

Re: Re: Re:2 That's what...

Ooook. Linux Distro, on a jump drive, ip masking w/ tor, sec tools to keep everything tight… use a public network outside of the building but still inside your vehicle… or maybe a borrowed vehicle… or better yet a STOLEN vehicle… oh yah… google what crime your gonna do… finish everything up w/ a proper shred on the thumbdrive, “lose” it in somebody’s overcoat pocket @ the airport… then do w/e u gots 2 do. Ok. that sounds simple right?

Anonymous Coward says:

“In the meantime, if you’re going out and committing crimes, perhaps don’t search for related terms on any machine that can be traced to you…”

Please don’t give criminals advice on how to get away with crimes. I get very upset at those forensic file shows because they give criminals the potential of analyzing how scientists reveal and prove that someone committed a crime and that increases their chances of finding ways around it. Then again, I suppose it could deter people from committing crimes.

Jacqueline Fortner says:

Spy app (Spyzie) used for crime

I found a “Spyzie” app on my phone. It was used to steal items from my house and cars by notifying the perpetrator when I was away from my car and house. Numerous items were stolen, including $500.00 cash in my locked car. Who can be held responsible? Spyzie hasn’t answered me. They are protecting this thief and terrorist. Thanks.

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