China Has Invented Miraculous Hack-Proof Processor And Operating System?

from the some-skepticism-please? dept

Tim Lee points us to a somewhat (unintentionally) amusing article claiming that China has somehow developed a security “hardened” microprocessor and operation system that is effectively hackproof. Of course, there’s no evidence of this presented whatsoever. And, it’s somewhat difficult to believe that such a “security hardened” system could exist — especially in a case where it’s never actually been tested out in the real world against those who have incentive to hack it. So why does the reporter parrot these claims as if they’re simple fact?

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Comments on “China Has Invented Miraculous Hack-Proof Processor And Operating System?”

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Tgeigs says:


You misread the article due to a typo. It actually stated that the processor “Shackproof” and was designed specifically for Yao Ming while he travels w/the Houston Rockets. It isn’t widely advertised, but Yao also doubles as a spy gathering intelligence information on possible US Targets in case of a nuclear war between USA and China. As we all know Shaquille Oneal recently attempted a career in law enforcement, hence the requirement of a data system that is resistent to his attempts to infiltrate. Shackproof is a spelling error for Shaqproof.

Honest mistake, no worries.

Anonymous Coward says:

I dont know why people are taking it with such a grain of salt. I mean, yeah highly unlikely, but entirely possible. Creating an operating system that has limited capabilities, but is secure. Seems possible, seems like a good idea. Limit data flow of any sort on any ports except for things that are signed in some cryptographically “proven” manner.

SRS2000 says:

Re: Re:

Yeah.. It’s called removing it from the internet.. removing any type of standard networking device or data access device.. Use a secure, obscure, and painfully encrypted network run by Navajo Indians. Have the room lined in lead and a faraday cage. Then have it automatically shut down if someone attempts to hack it. Then have the room it is in guarded by automated .50 cal machine guns with their own battery backup.

TheStupidOne says:

Re: Re:

Any OS is hack proof if only authorized people can access it. 0 networking ability coupled with decent physical security around the computer would make it inaccessible by even the most talented and determined hackers.

Then even if malware would installed on accident by an authorized user it still couldn’t compromise the security of the system.

Chris says:

Chinese always make stuff up

China always inflates their accomplishments. They falsified information regarding their economy in which the world banks overinflated their wealth by 40%. Also china tends to wrong their own people, but hide it as much as possible. Along with many actions the Chinese have done, I wouldn’t believe a thing they say.

SRS2000 says:

If it does exist

You know that if it does exist.. China didn’t invent it. I mean, seriously, when has China not just stolen the information from some other country? Their last original idea might have been fireworks.. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was all just some translation error. They meant to say their new OS was hot and stylin. Not Kylin.

Chronno S. Trigger says:

Re: Re: Re:

Yet the HDD can still be stolen and attached to another PC with the ability to crack the encryption.

The best hack proof computer I have ever even heard about was from my teacher in college; take a sledge hammer to it and when you’re finished make absolutely sure that there isn’t a single piece larger than a dime. This way it cannot be hacked locally or remotely.

Tgeigs says:


“China Has Invented Miraculous Hack-Proof Processor And Operating System”

They also proved the existence of God, cured the common cold, invented time travel, perfected reanimation of dead cells, and made Fran Drescher speak in a way that is pallitable to non-Long Island Americans.

China Rules!!! (Disclaimer: Some of the above claims may contain lead paint)

Anonymous Coward says:


Tim Lee points us to a somewhat (unintentionally) amusing article claiming that China has somehow developed a security “hardened” microprocessor and operation system that is effectively hackproof.

Strange, I didn’t see that claim in the story. Just that it was “designed to be impenetrable”, meaning that that was a design objective, not that it has been proven to be so.

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