Andrew Cuomo Angry That Craigslist Stole His Photo Op

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This morning we posted the news about Craigslist giving in to angry Attorneys General who were misguided in their anger. In it, we discussed how this was a larger version of NY AG Andrew Cuomo’s tactics to force internet companies to censor, despite no legal basis. However, it looks like Andrew Cuomo is pissed that others have taken his tactics and didn’t give him a chance to be involved. Thomas O’Toole alerts us to this stunning statement from Cuomo who appears to be quite angry that this decision was made without him present:

“Several weeks ago, we informed Craigslist of an impending criminal case that implicated its website. Rather than work with this office to prevent further abuses, in the middle of the night, Craigslist took unilateral action which we suspect will prove to be half-baked.”

O’Toole’s summary is dead on: “Curses, you stole my photo op!” So when we wrote the original post wondering how soon it would be before AGs were upset with the new plan, we knew something like this would happen eventually. We just didn’t think it would be a matter of hours.

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Comments on “Andrew Cuomo Angry That Craigslist Stole His Photo Op”

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RD says:


So, Cuomotard whines and threatens Craigslist to DO SOMETHING (remove adult ads) and so they DO and then he whines that they DID IT and has the balls to say it might be “half baked?”

Listen, you retarded east coast wannabe gangster: When you threaten someone with the full power of the government, you dont get to whine like a little girl when they capitulate. Talk about a complete waste of human breath, geez.

Idiot Savant (user link) says:

When will you speak up?

More political bullying and Americans just sit happily by waiting for the pizza to be delivered so they can relax in front of the tube with a reality show. Hey chuckle head the REAL reality is out there all around you now. And guess what you could actually be a part of it!

When you are an idiot there is always hope because you can learn how not to be an idiot. But when you are stupid, well, I’m afraid there is no cure for stupidity.

knifight (profile) says:

I have to second that motion… WTF young-cuomo-san? If you were genuine in your belief that this was really a dangerous situaiton and needed to be changed, you would have had a press conference that CELEBRATED the change by craigslist. You would have:

-said that you called them this morning as soon as you heard the news,

-given them praise & credit for their prompt action in the interest of the good (& safety) of the public after you informed them that the good and decent people you are charged to protect will not stand for blah blah blah, and

-then said you hope they will keep and enforce their new policy.

Then you should have gotten up on your soapbox and pontificated about how it’s good to know that the management team of cglist understand that there is a difference between what is useful free speech vs that which harms our society etc. etc. because you are the type of modern leader who understands that while openess and sharing on the internet for the most part doesn’t need govt interference and increases human capital blah blah blah, .. (bring the camera in close for gravitas) there are times when leaders must set the example and exercise judgement to prevent the abuse of our freedoms by some… And so again this office, the office of the AG of NYS (shameless reminder of who & where you are so far in this game), wants to thank and support this change in policy by cg’slist and warn them that you will be vigilant in monitoring their adherence to this voluntary change. This kind of cooperation between business and government…(Ohmygd, he didn’t just turn that around on a dime and engender good will in the business community for what will be seen as his friendliness to business approach on this did he? *and* soften his next-coming-of-Spitzer-to-bash-business image all in one shot? Why yes. Yes he did.) Thank you very much and may God bless the state of NY…

If you had done that, we could believe that you actually gave a rip about the actual issue – *and that you were a person of influence* … who knew how to get change to happen, quickly and cleanly instead of messily and expensively.. Instead you come off as an issue-abulance chaser who is berating a company for denying you your politico-hero-battling-evil-business moment – despite the fact that your side got what it wanted. You need better political advisors / spin doctors / speech writers. NYS state isn’t for amateur politicos… We have too much tech business and too much professional media in the state for luddite bumpkin mistakes. I expect better from you in the future.

ripjack says:

Lawyers and Politicians

This is a statistical fact:
Two of the most reviled people/occupations and most of them are one and the same.
This country needs a new revolution! We need to take our country back from a congress and elected officials who don’t listen to us.
Get involved! Flood his office with emails and tell him what you think. Hey AG stop the grand-standing and do your job.

Vicky Gallas (user link) says:

The Craigslist Dilemma

Jim Buckmaster, the CEO of Craigslist, caved to prosecutors’ threats and announced the end of the “Erotic Services” category on the website. The company will open an “Adult Services” category to take its place, only now they will charge for ads and closely monitor this section. The book addresses the Craigslist dilemma and the pursuit of publishers by law enforcement in Chapter Eleven, Publishers and Escort Advertisements. No more hookers gathering in one place as sitting ducks for law enforcement – now they’ll spread out (no pun intended) and post on the lengthy list of other websites where they’re not so easily found and tracked by agencies like the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation (MBI). The proverbial sitting ducks will soon scatter. Not sure what the state AGs and law enforcement were thinking when they pursued this agenda.

I believe that Buckmaster felt public pressure after the “massage therapist” was found murdered in Boston, but the general public doesn’t always know what’s best. Prostitution is a trade that will never go away, at least not as long as there are sexual desires and poverty, the major combination necessary for the trade to thrive. History reveals that prostitution, escort services, and the ladies and men that work in the business will find a way to make it work as long as the demand exists. We need only review the story of the Green River Killer to remember that tragic endings did not begin with Craigslist. The War on Adult Business sounds more like the War on Drugs every day.

Whether Buckmaster realizes it or not, the problems for Craigslist have just begun. The way the company did business, by not charging for these ads and by allowing the community to regulate the category by flagging what was not acceptable, the liability was almost nonexistent. Today this has all changed. If Buckmaster doubts this fact, he need only check with AT&T, Sprint Publishing, the Orlando Weekly,, The Erotic Review and any other publisher that has sold advertising to adult businesses in past. Up until today Craigslist was protected by law, the ducks were there for the taking, and the hunters waiting to be tracked.

From Vicky Gallas’ Amazon Blog

Bob H. says:


Never has one NY family stolen as much as the Cuomo family. Roosevelt Raceway and all the surrounding land:priceless. And now this bum is complaining he’s not getting his picture taken enough. The NYPD used to have a bus on Lexington and 123 st, which they’d load up with hookers, go to court, fine them $50, or give them time to pay, and then take them back to Lex to earn the $50. Cuomo should be glad there’s a Craigslist. Now he can run the same tired old scam, but without the bus.

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