Have At You, Clip Art Pirates!

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The Software & Information Industry Association is a great organization — at least from a comedy standpoint. They got themselves some press a couple of years ago by offering a “bounty” for people who turned in vendors that sold them counterfeit software, but the offer was so full of fine print that it was completely pointless. They then showed a complete ignorance of the law by threatening to sue eBay because counterfeiters peddle their wares there, despite the safe-harbor provisions that protect platform providers. But perhaps the most entertaining story about the SIIA was the one about how their propaganda campaigns were driving people to turn away from proprietary software (you know, the kind produced by SIIA’s members) and go with open-source software instead. Now, the group’s adding to its comic legacy by unleashing a tidal wave of lawsuits against pirated clip art. The group’s lawyer says the suits are “going to be big,” while another SIIA exec says it is “making every effort in this challenging economic climate to protect the interests of both the software and graphics industries,” adding that when stuff like clip art gets pirated, “everyone loses — from individual consumers, to the economy as a whole.” Since they’re protecting the American economy and all, maybe they’re just angling for some government bailout money?

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Comments on “Have At You, Clip Art Pirates!”

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Anonymous Coward says:

It will be interesting to see who the sue and why. Many people use clip art on web pages, presentations, email and documents. How do you prove if the clip art is legitimate? Is your use of purchased clip art limited? Are there restrictions to using clip art in commerce even when purchased? How do they prove you don’t own a legitimate copy of the clip art?

Dana King says:

Clip This

I guess they will assume that everyone is guilty before proven innocent. Sounds like a lot of Lawsuits for nothing. I wonder what master catalog of clipart they are using to base their suits on. There are only 5000 different packages(1-20 CDS Each) out there that you can buy, not even mentioning the free stuff you can find on the Internet. CRAZY I tell you CRAZY!!!!!

Ima Fish (profile) says:

All this course of action does is defeat their cause by belittling it.

On one hand the content industry wants to equate copyright infringement to serious crimes such as theft, piracy, and terrorism. On the other hand, the content industry screams that copyright infringement is widespread and is out of control.

The problem for the content industry is that the greater a percentage of a population that does an act, the less likely it will be viewed as a serious criminal act.

Now they’re calling soccer mom’s criminals for downloading and using clip art in scrapbooks. It makes them appear small and extremely petty.

alex says:

“SIIA exec says it is “making every effort in this challenging economic climate to protect the interests of both the software and graphics industries””

Why does this sound exactly like the same tired rant offered by the RIAA that they’re just protecting the artists while in fact not doing jack sh*t for them.

I stole clip art says:

Aaargh, I'll Make ye a deal, SIIA

Dear anyone who posts crap on the internet,
It’s fair game… If you posted something, then someone is going to take it… That’s like having the free penny jar and throwing you in jail for taking one… WAH WAH WAH… get over it and try to make money the legit way instead of suing people that can’t even afford a house payment let alone a stupid piece of poorly drawn clip art… doesn’t anyone work anymore? Seriously that is what is wrong with the american economy, people want money for reason… I’m going to buy this shitty house from the 1970’s and in 30 years It’ll be worth millions… no your shitty house should be worth less than a brand new house… So your shitty clip art you drew back in 1990 should be free… like your emotionless life force…

Anonymous Coward says:

Can we report the siia.net ?

I see on their site they’ve got a bunch of clipart, animations, ect that they are allowing anyone who visits to download, can we report them for distribution of copyrighted material ?
Buttons: http://www.siia.net/images/design_images/siia_search_button.png
Images: http://www.siia.net/components/com_fpss/images/c1_dct2_1_1.jpg
Landscapes: http://www.siia.net/components/com_fpss/images/c1_ode.jpg
Textures: http://www.siia.net/components/com_fpss/images/c1_bbl.jpg
Historical Photos: http://www.siia.net/components/com_fpss/images/c1_wfic_1.jpg
Icons: http://www.siia.net/images/stories/food/lock.gif

And this is all on their main page.

Mojo Bone says:

So, they’re suing businesses that knowingly violate copyright law for a profit? Move along, nothing to see, here. I put up images on the web that are free to download, cuz I’m takin’ the pix anyway, they’re digital and cost me only hard drive space and some battery power,and I certainly don’t mind the fans that use’em for wallpaper or trade with their friends, hey bonus, if it promotes my band; same for YouTube videos. My buddy who’s a professional photographer (I used to be one myself) has a real problem with copyrighted images and protecting his business-he has to put some of his stuff out there for people to see, but it’s like people can just reach right through his display case and take what they want. Good thing he’s not a jeweler, huh?

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