Indie Record Label Sponsors isoHunt BitTorrent Tracker Site

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While the major record labels keep insisting that BitTorrent and tracker sites are somehow evil and need to be shut down, more and more indie artists and labels are recognizing that they actually are quite useful promotion and distribution platforms. We’ve pointed to some in the past, but the latest is a label called Honor Roll Music, which is promoting one of its popular acts by buying ads on isoHunt, the popular BitTorrent site. The ad links to a torrent file so people can easily download the music of the band, Awesome New Republic. Of course, if the major record labels had their way, these creative promotion techniques wouldn’t be allowed. Sometimes when we talk about innovative business models, defenders of the old system say that those are fine, but there’s no reason to change copyright or stop these lawsuits because those models still work. Yet, this shows how that’s not true at all. If the entertainment industry successfully shuts down these sites, it precludes these types of models and promotions. Once again, we see how this is really all about stomping out innovation rather than any legal issue.

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Comments on “Indie Record Label Sponsors isoHunt BitTorrent Tracker Site”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Lol

Pirates like most humans have friends. More people downloading and playing your music, more people will hear your music. This past weekend I was playing bands that friends never heard before and enjoyed. I was giving free advertisement to these bands. Did these people rush out and buy CDs or order tickets to see this band? No. Will I? No. Did this cost the band any money to advertise to myself and my friends while we were hanging out? No.

The worst that can happen when someone pirates your music is that no one gives you money. The best that can happen is someone gives you money. What will ALWAYS happen is that more people are exposed to your artwork.

This is very simple and straight forward.

While this blog tends to think it’d be awesome to have anarchy this isn’t about lawlessness or being a crazy socialist. Or a lawless socialist. Torrents are the best advertising tool there is right now. The more people torrenting your stuff the more popular your stuff is. Why you would think this awesome indicator AND advertisement tool being did away with is a good idea flys in the face of reason.

Killer_Tofu (profile) says:


Well, I suppose I am going to have to download this and check it out. Good to hear about it.
@ NameHere #2
Most studies I have seen (that were not funded by the RIAA types themselves) have actually shown that downloaders tend to buy more music, merchandise, etc, than the average consumer. (If you doubt that you can search even on this site, which has referenced at least two of these studies that I recall, although I do not remember the search terms you would need to search for)

This is also a win for some of my statements before about why should I ever buy a CD for a single song or before I hear everything, and that sooner or later all music will be released for free before you have to buy it. I have argued with people before about why I absolutely must pay, because others have seem convinced that thats just how it is and things cannot change. This here is more proof of my statement that I can spend my listening time listening to music that is free and by artists that want me to hear them rather than having to give money to the greedy types just to hear stuff I may or may not like.

This is the future labels, take heed. Technology has advanced your field. Adapt or die.

BelieveItsFair says:


In the beginning…
The RIAA said CD’s would cost $14-$15 until they went mainstream, at which time the price would drop to around $4-$5. That never happened & is why non-talented ‘artists’ and record labels have gained fortunes. We buy a CD w/only 1 good song on it & feel taken. I download, listen & if the CD is good, I buy it to get the better quality as mp3 quality is a fraction of the original. RIAA is scared because people aren’t finding their products worthy of purchase because of this. Music download sites are a hit because folks would rather pay a buck for ONE song, than $15 for one song….

Air says:

Isohunt has the right idea

Jamendo has over 30 k CDs free for download.
No money is made from Cds anyway.

Isohunt is a good thing… that needs a tweek that would auto detect pirated items… like Veoh does.

RIAA is targetting the wrong torrent place,
and should go after ones not activly trying to be legit.

NIN releases stuff on ISOhunt and that makes ISOhunt legit.
The RIAA needs better management who have recieved a recent degree… and not one from a hundred years ago…

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