No, The Internet Isn't Running Out Of Bandwidth

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Nemertes Research has a history of putting out fear mongering reports about the coming bandwidth flood that will kill the internet. So I pretty much ignored the news that it had come out with another one, which the press is happy to report without any hint of skepticism (or noting that Nemertes is funded by telcos who stand to benefit from fears of a bandwidth glut). However, people keep submitting it, so let’s just point out, once again, that stories of a coming “exaflood” of traffic are completely bogus. Actually research from those who have seen the data has shown that there is no problem and the growth rate is actually slowing. This has been widely reported. And yet, Nemertes still insists that we’re running out of bandwidth? Don’t believe it. Update: Someone from Nemertes stops by in the comments to say that this isn’t new research, and that the particular news report “took great liberty with his story.” He also says that they agree the internet is not running out of bandwidth, but they are worried about last mile bandwidth.

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Comments on “No, The Internet Isn't Running Out Of Bandwidth”

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Ted Ritter (user link) says:

Nemertes Report

Nemertes has not put out a new report. The last report was in November 2008. The reporter for London Times Online took great liberty with his story. I urge readers to see the actual report and FAQ. We are very clear that the core, fiber and metro layers of the Internet will scale to meet all projected demand. The problem is in the last mile where we project potential demand to be growing faster than capacity.



Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Addresses Running Out

What’s really running out is IPv4 addresses. This is why we need to move to IPv6 soon.

Don’t look for IPv6 anytime soon from most ISPs. The problem is, they don’t want IPv6. As it is now, they use the limited IPv4 address space to justify charging a premium for static addresses. With IPv6 that excuse will be gone and customers will view getting charged extra for static addresses as gouging. In other words, they would rather keep addresses as an artificial scarcity that they can sell and IPv4 helps them do that.

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