US Trade Rep: Blame Canada For Piracy!

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It’s still entirely unclear why the entertainment industry so dislikes Canada. There’s almost no evidence that “piracy” in Canada is any bigger than anywhere else, but for some reason, every year, the industry goes on a big campaign to get Canada listed alongside countries like China and Russia as places where unauthorized reproduction of copyrighted works thrives. This year, finally, the industry succeeded, and the US Trade Rep has added Canada to its “Priority Watch List” as opposed to just the “Watch List,” where it has been the past few years. Michael Geist covers just why this is absolutely ridiculous. Canada already has quite stringent copyright laws, and it has even passed stricter copyright laws over the past few years at the urging of the entertainment industry. It’s difficult to see this new announcement as anything other than a condemnation of the US Trade Rep’s process for putting together such a list.

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Comments on “US Trade Rep: Blame Canada For Piracy!”

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Pitabred says:

Re: Re:

Nope. They’re worse laws… they industry got a levy on ALL blank media, not just audio CD’s.

The main problem that the industry has with Canada is that Canada requires a certain percentage of all broadcasts to be Canadian-national broadcasts. That cuts into the marketshare no matter HOW much the industry complains. And they’re so sure that EVERYONE must watch their crap all the time that the only reasonable conclusion is piracy. I mean, what else could people be doing other than pirating good wholesome American content when that required Canadian content is on?

Hulser says:

Broken promises

I hope the US Trade Rep’s criteria for adding a country to the black list is actually a bit more stringent than a country where “unauthorized reproduction of copyrighted works thrives” (TD’s workding) or where “Internet piracy flourishes” (the linked article’s wording) or else practically every country that has Internet connectivity would qualify.

Also, the thrust of the linked article seems to be that Canada is not living up to its agreements regarding copyright enforcement. Fair enough if you want Canada to repeal these agreements, but even though I don’t agree with the effects of the agreements, it seems fair for organizations in other countries to ask Canada to live up to them. If Canada doesn’t want to enforce these agreements, then why did they approve them in the first place?

This is an honest question, but how can the TD statement that Canada has enacted stricter copyright law be reconciled with the Globe and Mail’s statement that Canada has “repeatedly broken promises” regarding enforcing copyright?

I’m guessing that these “agreements” are somehow bogus, but if that’s what TD is suggesting, I guess I’d like some more information on why it holds that position.

RockDJ (profile) says:


It seems the U.S is becoming quite the bully when it comes to copyright and enforcement of copyright. The U.S has been responsible for one of the worst financial disasters since the great depression.

Copyright enforcement is really low on the list of priorities. We’ll just move on with our lives and you can keep ading to the watch list and priority watch list and super priority watch watch list.

Zaven (profile) says:

American Right

Hey, it’s our right as right as Americans to blame Canada for everything. Isn’t it?

And Americans wonder why people in other countries think us Americans think we’re better than everyone. Next time someone wants to make a statement blaming Canada for something, can we just blame the French Canadians, at least then most of the world may agree with us. (I kid, I kid)

Osno says:

My guess is Canada is very receptive to the entertainment industry, so they put them in the watch list as a sort of black list, so they’ll do anything to get out of it. Way easier than China or Russia (specially since they speak english, mostly). Once Canada agrees to whatever they want, then they can start the charade of “international responsibility towards our neighbors”. That’s just my guess.

(Unkie) Reamus says:


You know what’s really entertaining is that I live in Honduras, and it is literally impossible for me to buy legitimate DVDs here.

If I want to buy a movie, my only option is to buy a burned copy from a guy off the street for 100 Lempira (~5 USD), and Honduras not only doesn’t appear on the Priority Watch List, it’s absent from the Watch List as well (At least 2005, when I know the situation was identical. [I’m not spending more than 30 seconds with Google to find up to date information for this, sorry.])

(Unkie) Reamus

Anonymous Coward says:

The IP industry is constantly playing one country against another. They talk the US into passing DCMA, then use that to bully Canada. They get Canada to pass a law about cutting off your hand if you record a snippet of a movie on your cell phone so they can point at Canada when they lobby for it in the US. Whatever country passes the most draconian version of anything becomes the standard the industries say other countries should use as a model.

RD says:


“Doesn’t Canada already have an unfair tax on blank cds/dvds, even if those discs are going to be used to back up non-copyrighted data?

And if I have to pay a tax on blank CDs to compensate for piracy, shouldn’t I be allowed to pirate?”

hahahahahahaha good one!



Yes, the *IAA industries got laws passed about 15 years ago to tax blank media to COMPENSATE THEM FOR PRESUMED PIRACY, which everyone who ever buys media pays, whether they pirate or not. However, its is blindingly hilarious that you would apply logic and reason to laws that have none. You ALREADY pay compensation for piracy, but OF COURSE that doesnt mean you get to HAVE what you pay for! Silly rabbit, tricks are for lobbyists.

Anonymous Coward says:

Times have changed, our kids are geting worse.
They won’t obey their parents, they just wanna fart and curse!
Should we blame the government, or blame society?
Or should we blame the images on TV?

NO! Blame Canada, Blame Canada
It seems that everything’s gone wrong,
since Canada came along
Blame Canada, Blame Canada
We need to form as full assault, it’s Canada’s fault

Don’t blame yourself for your son Stan,
He saw that darn cartoon and now he’s off to join the Klan!
and my boy Eric once had my picture on his shelf,
but now when he sees me, he tells me to (gasp) myself

Blame Canada, Blame Canada
Because when Canada is gone,
There’ll be no more Celine Dion
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They’re not even a real country anyway

Kenny could’ve been a doctor or a lawyer, it’s true
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Should we blame the matches? Should we blame the fire?
or the doctors who allowed him to expire?

HECK NO! Blame Canada, Blame Canada
with all their Hockey hallabaloo, and that bitch Anne Murray too
Blame Canada, Blame Canada
all I can say is oy Gevalt, it’s Canada’s Fault


Blame Canada, Blame Canada
With Brain Adams’ Beady Eyes
Margret Trudeau’s friendly thighs
Blame Canada, Shame on Canada!

For the smut we must stop!
The trash we must smash!
The laughter and fun,
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We must blame them and cause a fuss
before somebody thinks of blaming us!!!

Just Lucy says:

I think the President should declare war on Canada. The RIAA can underwrite the cost of the ammo, and US Marines will go house to house, busting down doors and taking everyone’s CD collections. After the President flies a bomber jet over the capital city and declares Victory, CNN will broadcast the burning of Canadian-owned CDs, tapes and record albums in the town square.

Rick Charron (profile) says:

Piracy and Canada

I used to like Americans, but I’m just sick and tired oftheir endless Bull$**t.It never ceases to amaze me at the level of, and/or lack there of intelligence that is attributed to the elected politician and officials in the United states of America. What is really astounding is that they are elected! It is a daily occurrence to read what those uneducated imbeciles preach and believe.
As a Canadian, I would like a 25KM. buffer zone between Canada and the USA extending from the 49th Parallel south. This ribbon of land can be used to house the offices required to analyze and return all information and / or exports headed north from the USA. It can be used to tax-the-hell-out-of all Canadian exports to the USA, including, water, petroleum products, grain, meats, minerals and wood products. (Canada doesn’t need any American exports, we have enough guns and pollution as it is.)This 25km. area could also house all the asylums used to correct and educate the multitude of dysfunctional US Politicians and officials. It would also offer an area that Canadians headed south could change their minds, have a big laugh about their error and then return home without being thought of as an idiot.Canada would be better off with the 25km. ribbon of no-mans-land than having the USA as neighbours. Oh, km. is an abbreviation for kilometer, it’s a metric form of measure that the entire world, except the USA uses.

phosphor says:

How come the US don’t top their own list. MS in the last year has lost more then a billion dollars to lawsuits based on patent infringement, including pirating anti piracy technology. Is this not a concern to the alliance, as to me this worse theft of intellectual property then listening to music someone recorded for people to listen to. Thats right MS is part of the alliance that determines the list of offenders. Then I’m sure the list is fair and impartial.
I’m sure this article is highly accurate and meets the highest quality of research, such as Janet Napolitano’s statements that the 9/11 hijackers entered the US through Canada.

William says:

watch me ignore it

and go on with my life…

before I got here I was reading related new on arstechnica and I think someone form that board is right, it’s time for US to stop policing the world. To be honest, I don’t give a damn on what the US “big coperate controlled” organization/government branches says or do. To US citizens and the government in general, I pay my respect, but the slow corruption of the government from big businesses of late is really making me sick from the stomach.

I don’t think piracy is out of control, on the other hand, I think coperate influence is out of control and to think that the US citizens are watching this slowly happening without knowing or able to something about it, and being powerless, makes me sad.

I think we Canadians should start pirating more. I mean, come on, if I am to be accused of something that I haven’t done, I might as well start do it and get the benefits.

again, watch me ignore this and go on with my lift. And btw, watch me burn more CDs since I already paid a levy. 😛

shankar (user link) says:

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