German Music And Book Publishers Demand ISPs Block File Sharing Sites

from the because-no-good-can-come-of-that dept

Michael Scott points us to the news that German book publishers have joined with recording industry representatives to demand that a variety of file sharing websites be blocked by German ISPs, claiming “I don’t see any other way than access controls to get to platforms like these that are based in foreign countries.” Or, you know, the labels and book publishers could (gasp) try to figure out way to use these sites to their advantage rather than denying their existence. Blocking the sites, of course, won’t do much of anything, other than moving those who file share to alternative sites or proxy’s/encryption, making it that much more difficult for these companies to learn how to use these sites to their own advantage.

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Comments on “German Music And Book Publishers Demand ISPs Block File Sharing Sites”

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chris (profile) says:

Re: Re: Can you?

You can’t even track it, especially if people spoof the IP’s and make them all point to the IFPI.

that’s not entirely true. you can see the IP’s of the people who are uploading/downloading to, unless they are taking measures to prevent tracking, such as proxies, tunnels, or block lists.

it’s not hard to thwart 98% of the tracking that is being done, but simply using bit torrent doesn’t automatically shield you from tracking because anonymity is not built in to BT.

Rob R. says:


Just yet another example of penny-wise, dollar poor.

They don’t get it, that’s plain enough. What we should be mulling over is – Will they ever?

If you want to send a message to them, then boycott what they output and be very very vocal about it. Then whiny little bitches like Lars Ulrich will actually take notice that things like this help them more than hinder them and the can stop investing in Kleenex to wipe away all the tears proving their bitchness.

The RIAA will not take notice of anything that does not directly affect their pocketbook. So make it affect the pocketbook and make sure they know who is doing it and why. Nothing else will make them change. Good old capitalism.

MadJo (profile) says:

1) industry group… check
2) known history of mistakes by other industry groups… check
3) not learning from those mistakes… check.

This is news how?
It’d be news if they had actually learned from those mistakes.

*head desk* Dear publishers, learn from those other mistakes otherwise you too will disappear, just like the record industry and the movie industry.
Learn to not have your legal team be in charge.

btw, Streisand effect again? 🙂

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