Will A New MySQL Rise From Former Employees?

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With Oracle purchasing Sun, there’s been some fretting over whether or not the company will harm MySQL (which Sun bought a few years back), as it’s certainly a competitor to Oracle’s core database product. My guess is that Oracle’s a lot more interested in owning Java than harming MySQL, and am hopeful that Oracle recognizes the benefits of supporting MySQL. But, even if the company does go in the other direction, it’s difficult to see much to worry about. The demand and opportunity for an open source database is so big, that others would quickly pop up (and, of course, there are already other open source databases out there — some of which are already considered superior to MySQL). However, even more interesting is the news (pointed to us by Tim Lee) that many of MySQL’s main developers have left the company (or are planning to), and one of MySQL’s founders is already looking to hire other key MySQL developers to fork the software and keep on developing the software. Sometimes it’s pretty difficult for a fork to get the attention it needs to survive, but certainly it can work, especially if there are concerns about the direction of the original product.

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Comments on “Will A New MySQL Rise From Former Employees?”

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Adam (user link) says:

PHP Group, where art though

Something tells me PHP developers wouldent allow MySQL to die. Sure, maybe it won’t have the same name (PHPSQL anyone?), but the way that PHP would call the database would not change. MySQL is still the most widly-used database for PHP developers, and i doubt the PHP Group would allow for it to die off. Maybe by purchasing MySQL off from oracle would be the best solution at this time.

alternatives() says:


If you’re willing to use postgresql-specific extensions, you can use
ILIKE (same as LIKE but case-insensitive) or the ~ and ~* operators for
case-sensitive and case-insensitive POSIX regular expressions, respectively.


The keyword ILIKE can be used instead of LIKE to make the match case insensitive according to the active locale. This is not in the SQL standard but is a PostgreSQL extension.

Who cares about MySQL – just use PostgreSQL. Every argument I’ve seen against this is ignorance or laziness.

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