South Korean Economic Blogger Acquitted (For Now)

from the phew dept

Earlier this year, we were quite troubled by news reports out of South Korea, concerning a (formerly) anonymous blogger who had been arrested for his financial commentary online that had been so good that it moved markets. He was charged with “spreading false rumors,” when in reality the problem was that the info he was spreading was pretty accurate, and that was the problem. But, the good news is that he’s now been acquitted, as the court noted that there was no evidence that the guy intended to spread false information, and that he appears to have believed the content he was writing. Of course, the case may not be over yet, as many expect the government to appeal.

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Comments on “South Korean Economic Blogger Acquitted (For Now)”

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1 Comment
TheStuipdOne says:

Makes me wonder

If I say that google stock is about to tank (and i don’t have any information to indicate that at all), and 90% of google shareholders believe me and sell all of their shares so the stock does fall off a cliff … would I have spread false information?

I made a prediction and it came true, but my prediction made it come true.

Similar to when a stock rating is changed to ‘poor’ or ‘sell’ and then the people behind the rating buy up the stock

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