Custom Toy Blogger Accused Of Infringing On Wolverine

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Reader shaniac points us to a blog post on a custom toy blog, where the blogger explains how some of his photo galleries of custom toys he made were forced offline due to a DMCA takedown notice from 20th Century Fox, claiming that they infringed on intellectual property from the Wolverine movie. Except, if you look at the images, it seems pretty clear that they’ve got nothing, whatsoever, to do with Wolverine. In other words, 20th Century Fox appears to have broken the law, in claiming it held the copyright over the figures in those images, when it appears it did not. Unfortunately, the site hosting his content doesn’t fully understand that under the DMCA it can re-enable his content if he files a counternotice and 20th Century Fox fails to file a lawsuit within a specified period of time. Instead, it’s told the blogger that he needs to get the lawyer from 20th Century Fox to agree that the content doesn’t infringe — and the lawyers don’t seem to be responding to any emails, meaning that the blogger is stuck in limbo for no good reason.

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Comments on “Custom Toy Blogger Accused Of Infringing On Wolverine”

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hegemon13 says:

Re: Re: So?

Well, he doesn’t have to. He can continue to get ripped off. I can tell you that if a store sold me a defective good and gave me a hard time returning it, I probably wouldn’t go back. This seems like a similar situation. He CAN continue to use this host, but personally, I’d move my stuff far away from them and warn all my associates to avoid them, as well.

Overcast says:

I wonder how much money these companies are wasting on trolling the web for their crap…

And because they are acting like such asses – when I go to the Cinema next, I will intentionally avoid any and all movies from this company.

This is so stupid, I don’t know why people even bother with their content anymore. This is really crying out “WE NEED NEW MEDIA COMPANIES”.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Shoot First Questions Later

There hasn’t been any consequences to anyone as of yet that I’ve heard of. The consequences should be to who ever file the false DMCA take-down notice. As I understand it part of the DMCA take-down notice is that the copyright of the subject material is owned by the originator of the notice. Even a moron in a hurry (I know that’s actually a legal standard for trademark law) would know that these images have nothing to do with the Wolverine therefore Fox and their lawyers have violated the law. They should be prosecuted and the lawyers who actually filed the notice should be disbarred or at the very least severely sanctioned. But that would mean the law was actually fair and equally enforced.

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