Shocker: Monster Cable Still Up To Its Old Tricks

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Right after the first of the year, it looked like Monster Cable might be taking a new tack in its trademark “strategy”, after it dropped a lawsuit against a company called Monster Mini-Golf. Monster Cable has a long history of suing lots of business — no matter what line of work they’re in — that use the word monster in their name, but given the backlash against it and its subsequent apology in the mini-golf case, it seemed that maybe, just maybe it was changing its ways. That was false hope, apparently, as it’s now going after a company called Monster Transmission (via Engadget). The cable company apparently claims it “has no issue” with the transmission company, but that’s news to one of its owners. Monster Cable also claims the suit was filed before its backdown in the Monster Mini-Golf case, as if that’s supposed to make it okay. But if the company really “has no issue” — why not just withdraw the suit?

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Comments on “Shocker: Monster Cable Still Up To Its Old Tricks”

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Anonymous Coward says:

A digital signal is a digital signal. Anybody who thinks a $150 Monster HDMI cable offers better image quality than a $12 HMDI cable from Newegg is delusional.

Lawsuits over names should ONLY be allowed to pertain to companies in the same industry as you, that sell competing products and/or services. It’s pretty obvious that Monster isn’t suing anybody that is hurting its business. Chalk this up to yet another company that’s resorted to becoming a trademark troll.

Anonymous Coward says:

I wish I made a product that I could spend a few cents on dressing it up with a logo, then resell it at a 1500% markup by cornering the market at every major retail chain getting 17 year olds to upsell it for me while working at minimum wage.

With all that profit I think I would have to hire out a crack law firm to sue anyone that even spoke an ill word against my company, let alone tried to use a common noun that so much as rhymed with my company name.

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