Perhaps The Major Record Labels Will Discover Twitter In 2015

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Wired’s Epicenter blog notes that a division of EMI has announced the first major record label blog. While it does appear to be true that this is the first such blog, the very fact that it’s only happening now is somewhat stunning. What’s even more amazing, really, is that EMI is promoting the fact that they’re so far behind the times. Yes, they beat the other three major record labels, but just starting to blog now isn’t exactly something to hype up. In fact, prior to this, I’d never even thought about the fact that the labels had no blogs — but in calling that fact out, it simply reminds everyone how the major record labels are so far behind in embracing any type of modern technology. It’s sort of like a horse and buggy manufacturer putting out a press release that it had installed telephones in its office decades after such things were common.

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Comments on “Perhaps The Major Record Labels Will Discover Twitter In 2015”

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Tgeigs says:

In related news...

In related news, several Middle Eastern countries announced today the discovery that women MAY not be responsible for all of man’s baser instincts, the French say we should all try out this deoderant thing they’ve invented, and South Africa’s ambassador to the UN was quoted as saying, “You guys should really give these black fellas a chance. They can dance like you wouldn’t BELIEVE!”

Matt Bennett says:

Why does it matter if they have a Blog or not? A blog is out there for a party to get out ideas. Does the recording industry have any ideas it was unable to get out?

I hate this “Omigod, why didn’t they have a blog?” reaction, as if that is meaningful in any way. A blog is a tool, like anything else. You don’t have a tool to have a tool, to have tool to accomplish a task you couldn’t accomplish without the tool.

Gene Cavanaugh (profile) says:

Major label blog

Good point – good reporting and analysis.

I am minded of the story (true? Don’t know) of Alexander Graham Bell leaving a free telephone at a prominent banker’s office. When the banker’s secretary told the banker what had happened, the banker threw the telephone in the trash.
True or not, it is, in essence, what you are reporting.

Stan Scott says:


This IS pretty unbelievable. It may be due, in part, to the fact that for these companies, the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

EMI was one of the first to offer DRM-free music on the Apple site. I got a weekly newsletter from EMI with pictures and text concerning new releases. That newsletter, to this day, does NOT link to any online store, which would certainly increase sales.

Ah, well.

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