German Authorities Raid Home Looking For Wikileaks Info

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In just a short while, Wikileaks has proven to be both an amazing resource to reveal useful information and a massive thorn in the side of those who wish that info wasn’t revealed (this includes, by the way, Wikileaks itself, which had to deal with some of its own private info that was leaked as well. However, you knew that eventually governments would start to look for ways to "deal" with Wikileaks — and up first appears to be the German government. Authorities have apparently raided the home of the owner of the domain name. The claim is that the raid was supposedly for "distribution of pornographic material" and "discovery of evidence." The speculation (and, yes, at this point, it’s still speculation) is that the raid had to do with Wikileaks recently publishing censored-site lists from various governments, which included certain porn sites those gov’t’s wanted censored, though it did not include any pornographic material itself.

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Comments on “German Authorities Raid Home Looking For Wikileaks Info”

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Weird Harold (user link) says:

German authorities have even gone as far as to send letters of notification to websites outside of germany to stop offing certain types of pr0n to germans. It’s really quite funny, actually. They have had a few really good ones:

It was overturned a year later – but it is typical of their view. Wikileaks posting a list of child pr0n websites would likely be pretty much in deep with local authorities.

Weird Harold (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re: Discovery of Evidence

yeah, except they did it in another country where the laws are just a little different. Germany really thinks they can wag the internet, and have had the balls to send out noticed to overseas companies about certain types of sites that should be taken down – even though they don’t operate in germany.

it’s really quite funny to watch. But the guys running wikileaks should be a little brighter than that.

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