US Trade Rep Promises To Review Transparency Policies

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After the highly questionable claim that the US Trade Representative couldn’t release details over the secretive negotiations concerning the ACTA proposal because it somehow involved state secrets (though plenty of industry lobbyists were given access), it looks like the USTR has agreed to review its policies on transparency. It’s definitely a good thing, but the USTR also says that the process will take a few months. It’s unclear how that may impact ACTA, but it seems like the USTR could easily review just that particular decision before reviewing the entire process.

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Comments on “US Trade Rep Promises To Review Transparency Policies”

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Rorschach says:

Who watches the them?

So, since when is it ok, for an agency to evaluate themselves? Let’s get a 3rd party audit of their transparency.

The only state secrets that would be revealed with more transparency is how far politicians bend over for special interest groups… and let’s face it… that’s really not a secret.

They’ll look up and shout ‘Save us!’
And I’ll whisper ‘No!’

y8 says:

Write to the white house

I submitted a letter at the web page that is supposed to be for the review of legislation (for transparency), although it isn’t really clear where those items are supposed to be posted.

In fact, the only information I could find seemed to me to be campaign rhetoric, not actually legislation posting.

Anyhow, I pointed them to your previous article and asked the President to let me know why this was considered a state secret.

I guess, the President must have taken my request to heart and now they will let us know the answer in a timely manner.

It’s nice to have politicians that understand the wants and needs of the people.

I assume we’ll get a reply any day now.

You’re welcome. . . .

Wow, I actually got through all of that with a straight face. I really did submit a letter at the white house site, and our fine leaders didn’t even do me the courtesy of sending an automated reply that ‘they’ll look into it’ like my senator does.

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