Turns Out Diebold's ATMs Insecure As Well; Scammers Install Malware

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Diebold is pretty well known for being in two separate, though similar, businesses: ATMs and e-voting machines. Its e-voting machines have always had a terrible reputation, with security flaws and bugs galore (the company recently has tried to hide from all the negative publicity by renaming the e-voting division as Premier Election Solutions). However, many people kept asking how the company could get so many things so wrong when it came to e-voting, but still get its ATMs working properly. Of course, as has been noted in the past, the way ATMs work is quite different, and mistakes are likely to be spotted quickly.

However, it’s now coming out that Diebold’s ATMs also have security problems. Slashdot alerts us to the news that Diebold has issued a patch after discovering that some scammers have been able to install “card sniffing” software on a variety of Diebold ATMs allowing the scammers to get all your card details. Is that Premier Banking Solutions I hear knocking?

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Comments on “Turns Out Diebold's ATMs Insecure As Well; Scammers Install Malware”

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ha, this time you're actually wrong... (profile) says:

Re: Linux?

If I lock the BIOS of my machine, as well as the recovery terminal, and start not as root, damn good luck changing anything without the root password… Naturally, the disk must be encrypted as well – but with all those, either the encryption of the password must be cracked to change things. That’s way beyond the ability of typical criminals…

ChuckE says:


I worked on Diebold ATM’s for over 8 years for A VERY large National Bank. The DieBolds would hardly ever balance. We had 20 year old IBM ATM that would always balance NCR ATM that not onle always balanced nut only needed maintenance about once a quarter. Brand new Diebolds needed daily maintenance. The Bank eventually replaced all the IBM’s and NCR’s with DieBolds. Why….. The company is crooked and bribes to fellow exec’s go a long way.

Know your DieBold voting machines will never be safe or accurate. But Officials will continue to buy them… and get rich!

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