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One of the examples I used in the Trent Reznor case study I did was how he sent out a survey to everyone on his mailing list — but was quite open and honest about doing it — and he did so in a way that actually made him sound human. Such surveys are a pain in the ass and they certainly annoy some people — but, as Reznor pointed out in his email, since he and his team are figuring out everything as they go along, it certainly would help to have some info from his fans. We’re in something of the same position. We’re always working on ways to improve things for our community, as well — and have a bunch of projects in the works, all focused on helping to reward you, in the community, further. The Insight Community has been quite successful so far, and in 2008 we were able to pay out five figure commissions to our top contributors. What other community are you a member of that pays you for being smart?

Please take a moment to fill out our reader survey.

Like Reznor, it would help if we knew a bit more about you. And, yes, we know that taking surveys is a pain in the ass. And, for those of you who feel that way, please just skip right on over this post and the survey. Sorry for wasting your time. But, for those of you who do feel like a part of the community and wouldn’t mind sharing a bit of information that should help us provide more for you in the future, we’d really appreciate it if you could take just a few minutes of your time and fill out the survey. Thanks!

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