Sony Considers Lawsuit Over Its Controller Being Used In Anti-Video Game Ad

from the probably-not-the-best-idea dept

Steve points us to a story in the UK about how Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is considering taking legal action against the folks behind an anti-video game advertisement because a photo in the ad includes a boy holding what appears to be a Playstation controller. The whole thing seems pretty silly. The anti-video game ad is pretty ridiculous itself, but Sony overreacting to it seems even worse. First of all, other than hardcore gamers, who’s even going to notice that it’s a PlayStation controller? Instead of suing and drawing more attention, Sony might want to just focus on reasons why the ad is misleading and that video gaming doesn’t lead to “cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.” Suing over the use of the controller just makes it look like they have something to hide.

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Comments on “Sony Considers Lawsuit Over Its Controller Being Used In Anti-Video Game Ad”

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R. Miles says:

You must think people are stupid.

First of all, other than hardcore gamers, who’s even going to notice that it’s a PlayStation controller?
You’d be stunned. Despite the fact many people don’t own consoles, they can still recognize them, and their peripherals.

I can understand Sony’s position, but a lawsuit is ridiculous. Don’t people ask anymore?

It’s bad enough the PlayStation (et games) gets blamed for every day woes, now this poster?

Sony has every right to be upset.

Chronno S. Trigger says:

Re: You must think people are stupid.

In fact most hard core gamers will see that it isn’t a Sony controller at all. It looks like one but it isn’t. Maybe a 3rd party like a madcats or something.

Even if it was a PS3 controller, I still don’t see Sony’s position. It doesn’t look like an anti-gaming add, it looks like an anti-sit-on-your-fat-ass add. They don’t directly point out video games or say that one should never play games, just that one should have at least one hour of physical activity a day.

Chronno S. Trigger says:

Re: Re: Re: You must think people are stupid.

But if you read the add, they are pointing to the parents not games. They say “Make sure your kids…” thus points to parents as the facilitator of the laziness.

The game controller is just a mind trick to enhance the idea of laziness. The controller only makes one think that games are the problem if one already has a predisposition to that affect. It’s like using an image of people sitting on a couch eating popcorn to sell an HDTV. The popcorn isn’t making the HD experience, but most people associate popcorn with a theater experience.

Dan says:

I believe you misunderstand the recognition associated with the PlayStation brand. For instance, my parents in their mid-fifties recognize consoles and collectively refer to them as PlayStation, with no regard to actual brand, or even generation, with the possible exception of the Wii. Sony may be overreacting some, but there is little doubt that the controller is itself a third-party DualShock, and some non-hardcore gamers, perhaps the parents of owners, will recognize it. The ad would be much better without a controller at all, as video games are hardly the only thing that will make kids sit down for several hours a day. In the interest of fairness, I could also name watching TV and even reading as hazardously inactive, not to mention that I’m more likely to eat junk food when watching or reading, as gaming generally requires both hands.

jonny bond says:

I believe that the people who call gamers lazy are missing the whole point of gaming and that is actively taking part in a solo or multiplayer game reqires far more concentration than watching tv. To illustrate my point of how difficult it is to concentrate on the same thing for an extended period of time when was the last time a meeting in your work went on for more than an hour. The reason is that humans get bored very easily if forced to take part in something which does not hold their interest the mind wanders and nothing gets done. The same is not true of gameing in gameing a player who is still playing after 14 hours of solid gaming is doing it because he is very much still interested in what he is doing.

kirillian (profile) says:

Bad PR

I think the point that Mike kinda is heading toward is the fact that some group of anti-gaming fanatics are going to take Sony’s “persecution” of their ideals as a sign that games really ARE EVIL…and that they are heading down the right path in their zeal to destroy the evil ones…they may even view Sony as being representative of some sort of “Axis of Evil” (sorry ‘W’…couldn’t resist) because of their prosecution…so…ya…I think, more than anything, it’s just a stupid move on Sony’s part…whether or not they have the RIGHT to prosecute is completely pointless…of course they have the right…they bought it when they hired litigation lawyers and when they supported their corrupt politicians years ago…of course they have the RIGHT…but only an idiot would exercise it in this particular case…


Anyone for a rousing game of Parcheesy? says:

I can understand Sony’s issue with it. They designed the controller. It is their design that was being used for purposes directly opposed to their reason for being in business. I notice things like that all the time in ads, movies, posters, shows. Red soda cans with the Coca~cola ribbon but fake words, pickup trucks without the emblem on the front in Hardee’s commercials, etc. People do pick up on subtleties, sometimes without even realizing the intent behind the images. They didn’t take a Nintendo controller from the NES, they took the design of probably the most widely recognized gaming system since the mid/late nineties. They knew what they were doing.

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