Guess Who Facebook's Just Sued For Spam?

from the the-usual-suspects dept

Last year, when MySpace won an uncollectable judgment against well-known spammer Stanford “Spamford” Wallace, part of the punishment was that he wasn’t allowed to set up any more MySpace profiles. Mike noted at the time that it didn’t say anything about Facebook, speculating that’s where Spamford might pop up next. So guess who Facebook’s just sued for sending spam Facebook messages? Yep, ol’ Spamford and a couple of his pals. Facebook alleges they used phishing attacks to break into users’ accounts, then sent messages to their contacts. It sounds pretty similar to the previous MySpace case, and it’s hard to imagine it won’t end up the same way: Wallace disappearing, Facebook getting a default judgment with an uncollectable judgment, and Spamford moving on to the next big social site.

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Comments on “Guess Who Facebook's Just Sued For Spam?”

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Communicator says:

Re: Re: Proper grammer and any other MINOR stuff

ugh I HATE the argument that grammar (please notice the lack of an “e”) is minor. Grammar is the framework for all communication. The tighter your grammar, the easier your message gets across. If it was so minor, why do so many people get distracted by it’s misuse? Because the message is distorted and the meaning unclear. Yes grammar can be confusing and complicated, but anything worth doing is worth the effort.

Tina, your life may be too short to worry about grammar, but my life is too short to re-read and decipher Kayne-esque messages!

Rodney says:

SPAM vs. Junk Mail

I hate SPAM as much as the next guy or gal but WHY do people seem to get much more upset over SPAM than they do over snail mail junk mail? I hate that JUNK MAIL in my mail box WAY more than SPAM in my inbox.

I say we get upset over junk mail because it’s real stuff that’s filling up our landfills and a huge waste of trees not to mention a bunch of other bad stuff.


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