MTV Supposedly Boycotting Warner Music Artists In Rock Band

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A bunch of folks have sent in an article from the latest issue of Wired Magazine about Warner Music’s fight with the publishers of music video games, Rock Band and Guitar Hero. To be honest, the article doesn’t cover much more ground than stories from last year, when Warner Music’s Edgar Bronfman Jr. first demanded more money from the game publishers. But, it does include one juicy tidbit. After reposting Bronfman’s silly quote demanding more money:

“In response, Rock Band publisher MTV Games is now boycotting Warner artists, according to a source close to the negotiations.”

This is yet another example (in an increasingly long line) of how Warner Music’s recent actions have done plenty to harm its artists. You may recall that a similarly ridiculous whine from Warner Music execs that YouTube wasn’t paying enough money resulted in YouTube pulling all Warner Music videos from the site, pissing off many Warner Music artists. Other reports have noted that if musicians were blocked from getting their music in these video games, they might look to move to other labels as well.

And, of course, Warner Music’s fight with the video game publishers is doubly stupid. Reports have shown that having your music in one of those games greatly increases sales of the music itself. So… the end result? Pissed off musicians who get less people hearing and interacting with and buying the music. It’s amazing that Warner stays in business at all, with management foresight like that.

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Comments on “MTV Supposedly Boycotting Warner Music Artists In Rock Band”

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Ima Fish (profile) says:

Rock Band (and I’m assuming Guitar Hero too) does an amazing job of exposing music to people and giving old hits a second life.

My six year old daughter’s favorite song is Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger. My 7 year old son loves the Donna’s New Kid in School. So, as just two examples, I bought both of those songs from Amazon to put on their respective players.

So here’s the deal, where the life of Eye of the Tiger was dead, it is now a completely new song (to kids) and has a completely new life. Kids today will grow up, become adults, and will be in charge of choosing songs for commercials, movies, and TV shows. They’ll pick nostalgic songs from their past, such as Eye of the Tiger. Which will give the song yet another life.

These two extra lives would never have happened with the song’s inclusion in Rock Band 2. (And this does not include renewed interest in live performances.)

Warner Bros’ thinking is way too short term on this issue and its artists are losing a huge opportunity along with gobs of cash.

HFC says:

Re: Re:

You are exactly right. My 7 year old daughter LOVES Eye of the Tiger. She even sang it to her grandmother as a birthday treat. Rock Band also got my daughter interested in Duran Duran, Paramour and others. I had already been feeding her plenty of rock music, but this game really widened her exposure. Plus, she’s one hell of a drummer.

Ima Fish (profile) says:

Are they really ‘boycotting’, or just not paying the extra cash?


MTV Games is boycotting in that music from Warner Bros. is not being made available in Rock Band. But of course Warner Bros. could argue that it is boycotting Rock Band until MTV Games pays up more money.

Hell, If I ran a record company, I’d put my songs in there for free.

Agreed. See my previously post.

Anonymous Coward says:

Either they'll wake up or die

And I don’t really care which. But I think if more businesses essentially give the record labels the finger, the record labels (and the other copyright cartel members) will eventually figure this out. But hopefully, by then it will be too late for them. I would be happy to deliver the message to Edgar in person: “Mr. Bronfman, MTV Games says you can go fuck yourself.”

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