Letting The Community Be A Journalist's Assignment Editor

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Jay Rosen points us to the news that a journalist for the Patriot-News, in Pennsylvania, is experimenting with letting the community be his assignments editor. Basically, he’s hoping that readers of his work will submit story ideas as blog comments. From there, he’ll choose a few that look interesting, create an online poll, and then see what the community thinks is most important for him to work on. It’s an interesting experiment, and one worth watching, but I’m not sure if it’s enough by itself. It’s great that he’s tapping into the community, but a mere voting mechanism sort of misses the point of what that community can add. It should go beyond voting to actually helping out — giving tips, feedback, ideas, facts and opinions. Let the community help research a story. Yes, some of that might happen in addition to the voting, but the voting by itself seems like a bit of a gimmick rather than real participation.

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