Wait, Now NBC Claims Video Piracy Is Under Control?

from the wasn't-it-just-last-week? dept

It may seem like it was just a week or so ago that NBC Universal’s Chief Counsel Rick Cotton was freaking out about video piracy online. That might be because it was just over a week ago when he was feeding the NY Times quotes for a story about how “pirates” were “winning the battle.” But, apparently he’s had a change of heart. He’s now said in a speech that video sharing, “from a rights perspective, it’s under control.” He used NBC’s online coverage of the Olympics as an example — though, that’s actually a terrible example. Plenty of people were quite annoyed by the unnecessary hoops they had to go through, and others were pissed off that it was nearly impossible to see what they wanted to see unless they went to other sites where people had uploaded the unauthorized video. Either way, we’re thrilled to hear that NBC Universal now thinks video “piracy” is under control. I assume that means that they’ll stop their DC lobbyists from lobbying for more draconian copyright laws now? Because, last we heard they were still pushing for changes to the law…

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Comments on “Wait, Now NBC Claims Video Piracy Is Under Control?”

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ToySouljah says:

Re: Piracy

Clear out the illegal immigrants pirating DVD’s? Ummm…hate to burst your bubble, but that might clear up only a few cases since most pirating is coming from suburbia. So how about this…they should start with all these white people pirating DVD’s and then go on if you want.

Not so nice huh? So please quit the BS about immigrants being the big burden on society when they are trying to just be free, live their life, and provide for their family. I have to laugh when people claim they are stealing jobs from Americans. I have never seen an illegal alien in any position of power so I think everyone is safe, but hey if they have the qualifications to fill a position then by all means may the best man win.

ulle says:

Here in north Texas Time Warner cable has found a way to slow down video piracy, they now have capped us at 10 gig per month, plus any time after 2pm till at least midnight the connection slows way down, just opening techdirt in the afternoon can take over a minute versus just seconds in the morning. Trying to use utorrent, we might get lucky and get speeds up to 20kbs in the early hours of the morning, evening hours we are looking at 5kbs if we are lucky. For any streaming videos, it usually means 10 to 20 minutes buffering to watch 5 minutes then more buffering. I think as more ISPs start using caps and throttling the amount of piracy is going to decrease especially places like here where there is no alternative to cable broadband other then dialup.

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