Intellectual Property Laws… Rewritten As Poetry

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Damn. Techdirt reader Yehuda Berlinger alerts us to the fact that he recently completed rewriting UK Copyright Law, in verse. Yes, he’s reimagined the law as a poem. Here’s just a clip:

You copyright books
And programs, all sized
Written or recorded
Even unauthorized


Databases, too,
By which they mean lists
Of things, are also
In this here gist


Art includes maps
And casts of all sorts
Buildings and sketches
So on and so forth

And it’s not just UK Copyright Law. He’s actually done US Copyright Law, Canadian Copyright Law, US Patent Law and US Trademark Law. It’s impressive, to say the least. Berlinger is the first to admit that the poetry isn’t particularly good, but says “that’s part of the point.” He says he does it “because I want to read the actual copyright codes, but can’t do it unless I’m entertaining myself in the process. Also, writing summations of each section helps me to remember.” Check them all out…

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