India's Do Not Call List Now Covers SMS Spam, Too

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The problem of spam text messages sent to mobile phones has been a significant one in many countries, though it hasn’t reached epidemic proportions (yet) in the US. Operators have done a pretty good job of stopping the messages from getting delivered, while the cost and difficulty of sending them has also been a useful obstacle. Some, however, still manage to get through. Over in India, the government has extended its do not call list to cover commercial text messages as well, and has mandated that operators must add some tracking information to the messages so regulators can track down their senders. In the US, it’s illegal for telemarketers to call cell phones, while the not-particularly-effective CAN-SPAM act makes it illegal to send spam email to phones. At least one court has ruled that SMS spam is covered by the law banning telemarketing calls to mobiles, but it would be nice to see cell phones get some extra protection from spam — especially since it often brings some financial pain as well as annoyance.

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Comments on “India's Do Not Call List Now Covers SMS Spam, Too”

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Docrings says:

AOL alerts spam

… I get 20 AOL alerts a day on my cell phone and can’t turn it off. I never signed up for them, and there is no website I can find on AOL to turn them off.

There is no obvious way to “register” your cell phone number and take control of the calls through AOL. My cellphone carrier says there is no way to filter the incoming calls by sender.
I have to turn off my text alert ringer due to the spam, and now miss important business text messages.

I’m all for smaller government, but we do need a law allowing one to turn off text spam!!!


long island girl (user link) says:

People calling you to buy their products is really annoying and irritating most especially if you are very busy at the time they called you, although some of them maybe helpful to others. What’s making it worst is when you are being charged by them calling and texting you. They must follow strict guidelines and charge people if they are the ones requesting for their service.

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