Redlight Camera Operator Arrested For Scam Involving Shortening Yellow Light Timing

from the it's-about-money,-not-safety dept

We already know that at least six US cities have been found to have illegally reduced the timing on yellow lights at intersections where red light cameras were installed. However, over in Italy things have gone even further, with the guy behind one red light camera system now getting arrested for being a part of a scam involving decreasing the time on yellow lights from the required 5 seconds to 3 seconds. Apparently a bunch of police officers and municipal government employees are under investigation as well — though it was a suspicious police chief questioning why they were seeing so many red light offenders, that resulted in the scam unraveling.

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Comments on “Redlight Camera Operator Arrested For Scam Involving Shortening Yellow Light Timing”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Copyrighted?

Joys of anonymous bitching:)

I do like most of the things about this site. Interface, commenting system, so on….. It is just that there is too much discussion about copyright (I know I shouldnt be complaining and I should move on to some other forum. I will.)

What I have understood from the discussions about copyright:
1. Yes, business can profit without copyright (everyday mike provides new examples)
2. RIAA/MPAA etc go overboard protecting copyright, results= mostly counter-productive

What more?

Bamber says:

Seems easy enough to prove.

You’d think it would be straightforward enough to go stand out by the monitored intersection with a stopwatch… if the yellow duration is too short, time for class action lawsuit.

I like traffic lights,
I like traffic lights,
I like traffic lights,
Although my name’s not Bamber.
I like traffic lights,
I like traffic lights,
I like traffic lights,
I…Oh God!

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Traffic lights && copyright law = no difference

Why did everyone overlook the fact that no traffic lights are best, just like Tecghdirt’s view of copyright laws?

Such as depicted in numerous articles such as:


Why not as depicted on numerous articles on Techdirt? 🙂

We’ve covered that as well:

jon says:

driving in Italy

Now I am confused. I admit it has been 15 years since I drove in Italy, and even then it was southern Italy, but the one thing I remember about it was that obeying traffic lights was totally optional. A red light simply meant that you should be a little more careful crossing the intersection because oncoming traffic has the green light and may not stop for you. Has driving in Italy changed that much?

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