Is DRM In Retreat?

from the perhaps,-but-it's-not-dead-yet dept

Ed Felten has a post up noting that it appears DRM is in retreat, at least in certain areas, such as music. Of course, he points to Apple’s agreement to get rid of DRM as a key factor — but also notes that the former “DRM Watch” blog, from one of DRM’s biggest supporters, is now called Copyright and Technology. Still, while it does appear that some are realizing the pointlessness of DRM, it’s still not really dead yet. We noted that Apple still uses DRM in many areas and Microsoft just brought back DRM in its mobile music offering. Of course, that will backfire too, but it shows that there are still people out there who seem to believe that DRM actually has some kind of benefit.

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Comments on “Is DRM In Retreat?”

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Nate says:

I bet you meant..

I’m not trying to gay bash but Rob and the other fag who keeps correcting grammar needs to sit on it.

The web is an informal place for people to share their ideas and opinions. Who gives a shit if someone misspelled a word or used a instead of an? Oh yeah also it’s called the “world wide web” for a reason, not everyone who comments on here comes from your same background/ amount of anal retentiveness.

Peter says:

a little off topic with the grammar lessons

hey whats wrong with the world when 5 of 7 comments are about grammar?

I can’t wait till the day DRM is done for. If these companies are going to sell us something we should be able to have control over our purchased ‘tangible’ copy. If the record companies told me I couldn’t keep my cds after I had played them too many times I’d pull a Charlton Heston and have them “come pry them from my cold dead fingers”

oh yeah and Nate it should be ‘need’ not ‘needs’

Yakko Warner says:

Re: Just a reminder...

But why did it do that? Because DRM reduces the cost, or because the record labels demanded it due to the fact that they thought DRM-free files would lead to decreased sales?

Your comment seems to suggest that removing DRM is the cause of the increased price, rather than the studios’ attitudes. I’m not sure if that was your intended argument or not, but I disagree.

Voice of Reason says:

Of course DRM adds value

“but it shows that there are still people out there who seem to believe that DRM actually has some kind of benefit.”

Of course DRM has some kind of benefit – it adds value for the copyright holder and creates more professionally produced content for us. Any fool can see that!

The value is that it allows the copyright holders to monetize their new (and old content alike) in any way they seem fit (pay per play music is especially good). In turn, it encourages them to put out more and more of the same product, so that we get more content and they make pots of money, as they should. 🙂

It’s those fukking hackers who keep breaking DRM that are the real culprits. Bastards. They should all be rounded up, locked up in jail and the key thrown away.

Any reasonable person will agree with me. I rest my case.

are you serious says:

Re: Of course DRM adds value

I am a reasonable person. I disagree with you.

By all means make it illegal and punishable, but adding hidden features that remove my ability to use the content that I have legitimately purchased should be criminal as well.

Pay per Play music is especially bad. Movies, I could understand, as they are a media item that you generally only need to see once. Music is something that any reasonable person will listen to many times once they purchase it. Trying to keep charging them again and again for the privilege is ridiculous.

Its fukking bitchers like you who support these ridiculous idea who are ruinig things for the rest of us. Bastards, you should all be rounded up and thrown in a prison cell with a dvd player and a disc it wont play.

Voice of Reason says:

Re: Re: Of course DRM adds value

“I am a reasonable person. I disagree with you.”

I am serious and you’re not reasonable. Sorry.

I’m glad you can see the benefit of pay per play music to ultimately monetize Product – it’s certainly *not* ridiculous, I promise you. Remember, the only thing that matters is making the copyright holders (who are usually *not* the creators) as much money as possible in any way possible. It really doesn’t matter how.

Oh and it’s “fucking” not “fukking”.

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