Behind Nearly Every Google Complaint? A Lobbyist And A Flailing Competitor

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Plenty of folks have been sending in links to Wired’s article on The Plot to Kill Google, which basically shows how both Microsoft and AT&T — two companies scared to death by Google, are now working hard not to build better products to beat Google in the marketplace — but on hiring better lobbyists and marketers to try to destroy public perception of Google. Of course, Google has been doing a bit of the same thing in reverse… pointing out that every bit of critical information just so happens to come from companies or individuals working for (or at least funded by) AT&T or Microsoft. The whole thing has turned into a huge public relations nightmare, with little focus on providing actual value. This is unfortunate. It may be naive in this day and age, but wouldn’t it be nice if companies actually focused on creating value, rather than crafting PR schemes directed at politicians and bureaucrats to tear down their competitors?

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Comments on “Behind Nearly Every Google Complaint? A Lobbyist And A Flailing Competitor”

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Emerson says:


This is standard business practice for Microsoft, and now AT&T. It’s easier, and less expensive, to try to destroy your competition by being underhanded and sleazy, than it is to try to compete on the merits of your product. And it’s worked well for Microsoft, so why not AT&T? It’s just not clear to me exactly where AT&T and Google compete. I sure can’t remember using an AT&T search engine. Did Google reduce the value of the Yellow Pages? Maybe that’s because the (official) online Yellow Pages was a piece of junk — the damned book was easier to use.

Ben says:

A bit disingenuous

Lobbying is something all companies do, especially because as you get bigger, more people see a target painted on your back (and your front, and your head, and every appendage). It’s also a little bit disingenuous to say that Google’s competitors aren’t working to bring better products to market–they are. Just because you lobby doesn’t mean you don’t do other stuff as well.

Mark (profile) says:

Not the full story

Not a big fan of either Microsoft or AT&T … but … seems like such a long article on Google might mention them selling out Chinese dissidents (especially when talking about privacy concerns and google).

From the face of the article, it looks like the advertisers have valid monopoly concerns… not sure why those are less valid just because lobbyists were involved… especially since lobbyists are involved in both sides of almost any action in Washington. These concerns only become more valid as more content comes through the internet.

Kill Google? says:

HA HA HA HA, I love the comment from Association of National Advertisers, Microsoft, WPP Group (in The Plot to Kill Google):

“…But competitors and major advertisers think it’s plotting world domination.”

There is something wrong with that? Do you pay a penny to Google right now? How are they monopolizing? is free…
Chrome is free…
A multitude of other products are free…

What is it in our daily lives that Google has in its hands or wants to have in its hands that would make us pay them money to survive? NOTHING!

I say let the other companies cower in fear.

Google for World Domination! (The good kind)

Anonymous Coward says:

Although I agree that lobbying instead of competing is weird, wrong and bad, the whole article is nonsense. First, the Yahoo-Google deal will not had raised prices for advertising. Second, ISP’s are not in favor of censoring content (I think they don’t really care either way, but net neutrality is less work). Being that the writer is really making that stuff up, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was making the MS stuff up too. I mean, it totally makes sense for Microsoft to lobby against Google… but I don’t see any proof of that happening in the article.

Anonymous Coward says:

Google, and the others, are responsible for how much business comes your way. However none of them allow you to verify the ranking of the products you sell. This is very lame. You can’t tell if some competitor is ahead or behind you. I hope Google and the other search engines make such a scene some fair-play rules are put in place to govern this wild-west like game. I don’t want to know, but I fully expect it to be the truth, those who pay to play get their rankings moved up across the boards. It may not be obvious but come on… It should be obvious that this is the case given a little common sense and perspective. Let’s hope we get some fair use laws put in soon.

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