UK Government To Force ISPs To Become Copyright Cops

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Like other industry trade groups around the world, the British Phonographic Industry, that country’s RIAA equivalent, has been pushing for British ISPs to become its copyright cops, something a number of ISPs have refused to do. After some threatening noises from British politicians, some ISPs relented, and now, the government is set go all the way by forcing the ISPs to play ball. The FT reports that a draft government report says that a new agency called the “Rights Agency” will be established, and it will oversee regulations forcing ISPs to inform customers who download copyrighted material that they’re breaking the law, and keep tabs on their downloading activity, and turn these records over to record labels or other groups who get a court order for them. Apparently the government took these steps because the labels and ISPs couldn’t come to an agreement on how to deal with file-sharing, and says its goal is to get the industries to share responsibility. It’s not clear why the British government saw the need to intervene here, and when it says “share responsibility”, it’s not at all clear what it’s asking the music business do to. To the contrary, all these regulations seem to do is put responsibility on ISPs to support the record labels’ foundering business model. Will the British government take similar steps to protect all of the country’s other failing businesses? Or do the record labels, for some reason, deserve this special treatment?

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Comments on “UK Government To Force ISPs To Become Copyright Cops”

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Mark says:

Re: Don't complain

Comments like these cause me to think of those arrogant intellectuals who, in their condescending way, remind us that those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.

I find that idea funny because what I see most often is those who do know history being so arrogant that, instead of learning lessons from their predecessors mistakes, they’ll repeat past acts believing they can do a better job. Instead they always make bigger mistakes and screw things up worse.

lavi d (profile) says:

Or do the record labels, for some reason, deserve this special treatment?


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but in the last 15 years or so, it’s become increasingly difficult for the world’s remaining media moguls to make obscene profits selling various types of discs and tapes at blood-letting prices.

So yes. Yes they do deserve special treatment and it would be refreshing if you were to start exhibiting a more sympathetic attitude towards their plight.

Arghhh says:

Re: this is spying beyound acceptability

That’s the thing. The UK is relying on the EU (Gasp!), of all people to defend out right to privacy.

As for fighting, we are loosing that battle. Do you fancy 42 days banged up with no charge, no legal assistance? Thats where the UK is headed.

Can we borrow the US constitution? Not that its helped you lot much with “retrospective immunity for the Telco’s” _OR_ the white houses “Missing Emails”

Your ship is leaking as badly as ours 🙁

Welcome to the New World Order.

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