Police In Mumbai Shutting Down Open WiFi

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Perhaps it’s no surprise that, following the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, people are freaking out and blaming technology, as if that will prevent another terrorist attack. First, there were the calls to ban Google maps and now a large number of police are sweeping through all of Mumbai to find open WiFi networks and get the owners to shut the networks down. Of course, there are plenty of perfectly legitimate reasons for offering an open WiFi network, but it seems that no one is even considering that. Because such networks were used in the past by terrorists and possibly could be again, they all must go.

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Comments on “Police In Mumbai Shutting Down Open WiFi”

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Anonymous Coward says:


The terrorists wore shoes, we should ban them. The terrorists wore clothes to diguise who they were we should ban those everyone now be nudist the government says that anything terrorists used must be bad. You live in Siberia, tough luck no shoes no clothes because terroists use them.

This makes the same amount of sense as banning Wifi or lighters.

Wicko (user link) says:

What is Open WiFi ?

Hey Friends!
Do you really know what is Open WiFi.
I think terrorists on a side but hackers, spammers and your neighbor would love it.

I am to setup so many WiFi Free hotspots in my town but I am to make all of those hotspots secure. Simply I place my Cell Phone Number in “Free-***-***-****” SSID.
Free WiFi is Fun but keep it secure.


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