The Ceiling For Mobile Voice and Text Falling Towards $50 Per Month

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The cost of basic fixed-line voice telephony is quickly falling towards zero. Plenty of companies offer free voice calls (with various hoops to jump through), and the cost of VoIP service continues to drop. This is trickling over to mobile voice service, too, as three of the top four US operators now offer unlimited voice and text plans for about $100 per month. But even that price ceiling is under pressure: Cricket and MetroPCS, two smaller operators that focus on the low end of the market (and don’t offer the footprint of bigger operators), have been offering unlimited plans for under $50 per month, and today, Sprint’s Boost Mobile brand joined them. It’s unlikely that the major operators will enthusiastically fall into line, but in the current economic environment, it’s hard to imagine these cheaper unlimited offerings won’t pull some customers away and put pressure on the bigger operators’ prices. The bigger operators still have a number of competitive advantages, including bigger coverage areas and a wider choice of handsets, but they may find those appeal to fewer consumers if the price gap remains.

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Comments on “The Ceiling For Mobile Voice and Text Falling Towards $50 Per Month”

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Bob The Builder says:

MetroPCS is the way to go

I am not sure about the other operators but I can vouch for MetroPCS. 54 dollars a month for unlimited phone, text, and data. I can also tether off my laptop. As for coverage footprint, I am certain that the coverage area in a big city is comparable IF NOT EQUIVALENT.

I canceled my contract with ATT (aka Cingular) and made the difference back in three months of service with MetroPCS.

Steve says:

I use to have Verizon and making the switch to MetroPCS was the greatest thing I could of done. Verizon and AT&T can’t beat MetroPCS with unlimited calling all day long for one price. No need to worry if you went over your minutes. I have voice, text, and data for $50 a month. MetroPCS does offer a family plan at certain times of the year. You can get 4 phones with unlimited voice and text for $100 a month.

MetroPCS does have it’s drawbacks and is not for everyone. MetroPCS does have a very limited coverage area. If you don’t travel much, then it should be good. The limited phone selection I think is due to the big cell phone companies locking down the selection of phones. MetroPCS does allow you to hook up a third party phone just as long as the phone is network compatible. You do have to buy your phones, not like the $100 credit that Verizon offers. The savings will more than make up for the cost of the phone.

ROFL@Coward says:

Wow, you need to learn how to google...

Tethering can be done on Metropcs ($45/month plan.. I just confirmed doing internet via phone on just a metro phone via r450 samsung.. downloaded 10kb/sec.)

And I’ve heard it can also be done on T-Mobile’s $5.99 web plan.

And I unlimited browsing on your lappy… any website pretty much at above dialup speeds.

So +$5 on metro (free tethering included, lol!) or $6 on tmobile

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