Dear Australia: Software Knows No Borders

from the yeah,-that'll-work dept

Ross Lazarus points us to the rather surprising news that an increasing number of Sun MySQL employees have been barred from entering Australia on short-term business visas, due to the worry that they’ll somehow “compete” with local businesses. There certainly may be more to this story, but on the face of it, it seems pretty ridiculous. Preventing employees of a certain company from entering your country may (barely) have made sense in the past and in some specific industries, but with software on today’s internet, it’s positively laughable. Somehow I doubt that the “local” Australian database developer community is resting easier thanks to their country’s border patrol safely keeping MySQL employees abroad.

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Comments on “Dear Australia: Software Knows No Borders”

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PaulT (profile) says:

Re: Non-story

So, you don’t think that the fact that Australia is apparently banning the employees of a particular company is newsworthy, just because they didn’t bother lying at immigration? What a strange viewpoint.

I’m sure you wouldn’t mind it if I lied at immigration next time I visit the US, maybe overstay my visa and/or negotiate contracts away from local companies while I’m there… After all, everyone does it according to you.

Parker (profile) says:

Australian Border Patrol Is Crazy

I went to Australia a few years ago on a student visa to do a one-year post-graduate degree. I order to bring avoid paying hefty duty charges on my laptop, I had to bring proof that I had purchased it a year before the day I was to enter Australia.
An American Football team traveling on the same plan as me had to unload all of their luggage at customs and wash off the bottom of their cleats so as not to bring any foreign soil or seeds onto Australian turf.
That seems reasonable to me, not barring entry of newer laptops or database dudes.

I definitely agree with Simon that resources should be better sent supporting local software development.

DS says:

Re: Australian Border Patrol Is Crazy

“I definitely agree with Simon that resources should be better sent supporting local software development.”

Then they should make a better product, or have better service. That way, they won’t need gov’t protection. With gov’t protection, every Bruce in Australia will be stuck with products that can’t compete on the world market.

nasch says:

Check the link

Check the original source for this:

The claim that the visas were denied for competition reasons looks to me like pure speculation. All the guys knows is one person was denied a visa for unknown reasons, and the other decided not to go because he thought he might be denied entry.

Sos says:

So the “increasing number” turns out to be two, one of which actually got a visa but decided not to come because he ‘might’ be overturned by immigration.

This sounds like a case of a visa being rejected due to belief that the holder will violate the visa conditions, which Australian immigration does quite regularly. This can be as stupid as coming in on a vacation visa but bringing a hardcopy of your resume

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