Texting Making Today's Youth All Thumbs

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There’s been a lot of talk about how the rise of text messaging is affecting people and how they communicate. We’ve seen reports about texting’s impact on families (verdict: not clear), on the English language (verdict: it’s safe), and on students’ grammar (it’s okay too). But one more area texting is having an impact: young people aren’t using their index fingers as much. Apparently because younger people are using their thumbs to text all the time, it’s become the digit of choice for activities like ringing doorbells. So will index fingers go the way of the appendix and become some extraneous appendage unneeded by modern man? I just tried typing this post with only my thumbs, and based on that, I think they, and their six other friends, are safe for some time yet.

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Comments on “Texting Making Today's Youth All Thumbs”

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Twinrova says:

Re: Hot off the press !

I read this story this morning and was stunned. Girl’s got some mad thumbing skills, that’s for sure.

I can barely squeak out 1 text per day, let alone per minute. I don’t text much. See no reason for it on a cellphone. Phone. Hmmm.

Any uses for the pinky finger? I can’t find any other than to hit the Enter key on my keyboard.

Michael says:

Obviously missed to point...

“Mine have 8 other friends.”

The six is referring to the fact that the thumbs were omitted as they were already part of the discussion. The index fingers were main point, and there by leaving the middle, ring and pinky of each hand. By my count that is six, unless you have a freakish hands with extra digits…

fprintf says:

Re: Re: Obviously missed to point...

Play it as a lap-steel guitar… you can use your thumb on the green button, and 4 fingers on the other buttons. Your knee is the support for the back of the guitar. But who said it was supposed to be easy? I’m still stuck on Easy as making the translation real guitarist to virtual guitar is way more challenging that I thought.

12o says:

One of the things considered is that these teens will eventually grow up to be programmers, developers, marketers, etc. If they continue to use their thumbs throughout their teenage years and into adulthood, what are the possibilities that they will work for companies that will develop different items for the markets that will continue to use thumbs? Since they’re thumbs will be the primary digit, chances are they may create devices they fell comfortable with, hence cascading the effect further down the line. Just a thought…

porkster says:

medical problems

As I sat waiting for my appointment with the doctor, a young girl (age 15) sat waiting across from me – her medical complaint RSI (aka OOS) of the thumb. in the few minutes I sat there she was constantly texting.

Seriously I think texting will be a thing of the past as pain overcomes the urge to text. Soon there will be medical warnings on cellphones along with pictures of damaged thumbs and thick glasses.

You’ll be able to buy patches to put over your cellphone keys and you’ll be able to get hypnosis to reduce the text urge.

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