Model Sues Google Because Some People Are Just So Mean

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I still haven’t quite figured out why people think that it’s illegal to be a jerk, but there’s just some part of people’s brains that makes them believe that if they don’t like something, it simply must be illegal. A model named Liskula Cohen is apparently really, really peeved that there are some mean people online who have been making fun of her, and she’s suing Google to get the company to reveal the identity of those mean, mean jerks. Of course, in doing so, Cohen has only called that much more attention to the fact that some random anonymous internet losers think she’s “skanky.”

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Comments on “Model Sues Google Because Some People Are Just So Mean”

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Michael Whitetail says:

Re: Re:

Indeed, in this case which is just about some random guys being retards, all the media exposure of her lawsuit garentees at least some people will go and look her up online.

In this case, even bad publicity is better than none since people knowing of the original retards opinions does nothing to hurt her at all.

I for one will not be looking her up, and I hope other techdirt readers follow this example.

Analmouse Coward says:

Who's gone and read the blog then?

I’ve now read about this bloody woman in over four blogs this morning, I feel dirty but i couldn’t help myself, its like watching a train crash, the morbid curiousity is just too much for me. i’ll repent later.

LiveandLove (loopyhoopy ho) is retarded in thinking she can make a difference, just makes her look like a fool!. has she never seen the interwebs insult someone before?

Overcast says:

I heard somewhere she’s a skanky ol’ hag – but it could just be rumor…

Could say she is – and she can sue me, can’t get blood from a turnip afterall, but I had just heard about it, didn’t say it.

Of course, I would have never known that she’s a vindictive bitch until I read this!

NO MORE umm.. whatever her name was, PORN FOR ME ANYMORE!!


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