Trying To Understand: Facebook's Lawsuit Against Makes No Sense

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Facebook has apparently sued social networking aggregator for a variety of things, including copyright and trademark infringement, unlawful competition and violation of the computer fraud and abuse act. I’m having trouble seeing how violates any of these things., like plenty of other aggregator services, lets you bring together all your different social networking profiles in one spot. That seems like it could be valuable if you use a lot of those services. It doesn’t do anything fraudulently, and it does not appear to misrepresent that it is a separate service. Users have to decide whether it’s worth providing their username and password to, but it’s not as if tricks anyone into doing so or does so in a misleading way. There’s no confusion, so it’s difficult to see what the trademark problem is about. It seems like a pretty big stretch for Facebook to also claim that showing the content from a user’s profile is copyright infringement as well. Computer fraud? Please. Unlawful competition? Again, it may be (slightly) competitive, but it appears to actually improve the value of Facebook, rather than diminish it.

This is a pretty weak response from Facebook. Basically, it looks like Facebook trying to exert undue control over what other websites and services can do, and it’s not clear that it has any real legal basis for doing so. It’s a shame that a company like Facebook is becoming a legal bully at such a young age. I would have expected better. In the end, though, if Facebook keeps up actions like this, it will only hasten the shift to other social networks that don’t try to limit what their users can do. Facebook might want to take a lesson from the eventual flop of Friendster after that social network was accused of being too controlling.

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Comments on “Trying To Understand: Facebook's Lawsuit Against Makes No Sense”

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slayerboy (user link) says:

wait huh?

On the website it says:

“Power is introducing a new version of Facebook inside of Power in late January.

We have been in discussions with Facebook to get their feedback on the best ways to work with them. Facebook would like sites to use Facebook Connect and they are continually open and available for feedback and comments on how to expand Facebook connects functionality. We support mutual industry cooperation to help responsibly create a borderless web. We are working with feedback from Facebook to implement Facebook connect inside of Power. We are also offering Facebook feedback on how to enhance and improve Facebook Connect functionality and will be launching a newer version of Power using Facebook connect in late January. is focused on providing value added services to social network users and it is not necessary for us to store the users name and password if a site prefers that we don’t.

To build on this focus, we will be shortly announcing and introducing a new standard to the the industry called Social InterConnect that will allow users to freely share their account information for any site with any other site without the host site needing to store the username and password. will provide this option to all sites for whom we collect account information inside of and will support existing social networks which already offer a solution such as Facebook connect.”

So is this old news or is someone lying?

AJ says:


I run a small not-for-profit community service website and I rely heavily on SQL db to run the site. I’ve been bombarded with these a$$holes trying to inject code into my database. It took a bit, but I finally closed most of the doors. I have a long and deep burning hatred for scum like this. I hope you have his URL and do something to run him down.

Coy says:

In all fairness

Facebook TOS clearly states that anything on their website (inlcuding user added info and data) belongs to Facebook and they own the copyright for it, so by it being displayed elsewhere by other sites without permsioon, the copyright arguement is valid. Whether or not the law should be changed is a different issue.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: In all fairness

Facebook TOS clearly states that anything on their website (inlcuding user added info and data) belongs to Facebook and they own the copyright for it, so by it being displayed elsewhere by other sites without permsioon, the copyright arguement is valid. Whether or not the law should be changed is a different issue.

Copyright isn’t determined by Terms of Service, it’s determined by copyright law, and I’d have a difficult time understanding how this use would not pass the four factors test for fair use.

Neahga Leonard says:

Facebook vs

You haven’t done your research, a few seconds on Google brings up lots of articles discussing this matter. According to the following quote from their article explains the main source of conflict:

“Specifically they object to the storage of user credentials on the servers, the scraping of “proprietary data” from Facebook (user data), and other issues.”

Facebook has been concerned with the security of the user data. Having that data mined and placed into someone else’s hands concerns them and their clients.

Pretty straightforward. The other stuff is part of the typical lawsuit negotiating tactic… doesn’t make it right, but that’s the way it’s played. The primary data privacy issue is a valid one though and well worth bringing to court.

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