MySpace Video Blocking Not An Antitrust Violation

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Brad Greenspan, who at one point was CEO of Intermix, the spyware/adware firm that originally created MySpace, has been complaining for years that News Corp. engaged in fraud when it purchased Intermix in order to get MySpace at a discounted price. A court found nothing to support this, pointing out (yet again) that the acquisition was agreed to by both parties. However, that hasn’t stopped Greenspan, whose own competitive startup Live Universe filed an antitrust lawsuit against MySpace for blocking Live Universe videos from MySpace profiles.

How is this possibly an antitrust issue? Well, that wasn’t clear to anyone… least of all to the courts apparently. After first losing at the district court level, an appeals court has now found no validity in the antitrust claims either, sending Greenspan back to the drawing board for attempts to find ways to suck some more money out of News Corp.

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Comments on “MySpace Video Blocking Not An Antitrust Violation”

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better research needed says:

Mike you got it wrong

mike have you seen this court ruling in federal court that occured recently? it looks like your article was pretty inaccurate. please review and revise accordingly as its important for good reporting standards to prevail. thx

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