Vietnam Continues Online Censorship; Outlaws 'Subversive' Blogs; Puts Liability On ISPs

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Vietnam has a long history of online censorship and suppression of dissent. Back in 2002, a law was put in place requiring registration with the government before creating a website, and soon after that there were reports of arrests of people for putting “questionable” material online. Given that, it’s hardly surprising to find out that the country has now officially banned “subversive” blogs. Of course, I’m sure the definition of subversive is left open to whoever is enforcing the law. But what’s really bad about this law, is that it puts the liability on internet service providers — saying that they’ll be held responsible for any subversive blogs that are hosted by them. It’s not entirely clear how this will impact foreign blog hosting companies, but it can’t be a good thing. Apparently, the Vietnamese government is specifically planning to talk to Yahoo and Google to get them to “cooperate” in “creating the best and healthiest environment for bloggers.” There’s been plenty of controversy for both Yahoo and Google for how they’ve dealt with government censorship in China, so the last thing they need is another such controversy.

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Comments on “Vietnam Continues Online Censorship; Outlaws 'Subversive' Blogs; Puts Liability On ISPs”

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1 Comment
Mark Regan says:

One Thing's For Sure

If bloggers in “certain” countries say anything bad about the United States during the next month, they risk being kidnapped and incarceration in a hot hutch in Guantanamo for exercising THEIR right to FREE SPEECH in THEIR country — something OUR country claims is a RIGHT, but has PROVEN to the world for the past eight years that we do NOT respect such rights.

How is Vietnam any different from the George Bush administration? All Vietnam is doing is warning their citizens beforehand that they are subject to arrest for exercising their right of free speech.

George Bush gave NO SUCH WARNING to thousands of peoples around the world who denounced his policies and actions that they were about to be kidnapped and secreted away for seven years and denied their civil and human and constitutional rights.

At least Vietnam is being HONEST that they agree with our LYING President in their disregard for the right to speak freely. Did I just call our President a LIAR? Yes, he LIED with a smile on his face when he SWORE under oath to uphold the US Constitution. That Constitution went out the window under his administration, and I await the day when he is indicted for his crimes against this country and the world.

Vietnam’s transgressions against their citizens are NOT as egregious as those of OUR incumbent President. George Bush is the one who is violating rights, and should be held accountable. The Vietnamese will rise up and throw their oppressors out if it gets too bad for them.

Our citizens took four years too long to realize how poorly the Constitution fares under a smiling DICTATOR who pretends to be a “compassionate conservative” but in reality is an Imperialist, Capitalist, Monopolist, Corrupt Criminal.

Shame on Barack and Nancy for refusing to conduct impeachment hearings on the TYRANT who has been running our country into the ground with impunity and reckless disregard for the welfare of our citizens.

The impact on the world of Vietnam’s trampling of their citizens free speech rights affects only their citizens. The impact of George Bush’s FELONIES has thrown this world into a DEPRESSION that is affecting billions of people. Nearly everyone except HIM and his BILLIONAIRE BUDDIES who are still filthy rich and insulated from the morass he is leaving the rest of us with.

Here we are discussing problems INSIDE small countries, and internal decisions by private companies, but IGNORING serious crimes committed against US by our so-called LEADERS. THAT is the true outrage.

If Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi continue to refuse to teach Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney and their co-conspirators a lesson, we might want to consider investigating whether or not there was a back-room deal or bribe taking place. The flagrant crimes that were perpetuated by this administration under color of law were simply too serious to ignore.

If Vietnam’s constitution doesn’t provide for free speech, that is their problem. We cannot hold them accountable to OUR constitution. But we CAN and SHOULD hold George Bush accountable to the US Constitution that HE SWORE to uphold.

Liar, Liar, Liar.

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