MBTA Will Work With MIT Students, Rather Than Suing Them, To Improve Security

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You may recall, back in August, that the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority convinced a judge to ban the Defcon presentation by three MIT students, showing how weak the security was on the Boston transit system, and how easy it was to get past it. Of course, in trying to ban the talk, the MBTA only succeeded in getting a lot more attention for its own security vulnerabilities — and, in the end, the judge lifted the gag order anyway, allowing the students to present their research.

The good news is that the MBTA has now dropped the lawsuit and done what it should have done in the first place: agreed to work with the students to come up with ways to improve security. It’s good that they eventually came to this conclusion — though still mind-boggling that they went down the legal route first.

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Comments on “MBTA Will Work With MIT Students, Rather Than Suing Them, To Improve Security”

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ExGovernmentWorker says:


Thats because the lazy poop heads who work for the transit authority didn’t want to have to get off their lazy butts to fix an issue, instead they’d rather waste tax money going the law route to stop people from knowing about the insufficient security which potentially puts all of the boston areas citizens in danger. But, hey; its not like they are any different from any other govt. entity.

SeaTec says:

Im am sincerely hoping that our 3 letter agencies have hackers employed trying to constantly gan access to our secured sites. It woudl also be nice to have a group of goverment people testing various other enteties like Social security and health care institutions to see if they are hardened against attacks. What about our power grid for instance? If i where to attack the US id attack the poer grid first and then go after other assets. no epxensive bombs needed, just a person wiht skillz and a grudge.
Now don’t be putting me on the list now boys. you hear?

ExGovernmentWorker says:

RE: Lazy

I do applaud them for finaly doing the right thing and turning to them for help with fixing the system. (after wasting some tax money doing the wrong thing) At least the system will be fixed now. Most stubborn Govt. Authority’s would probably continue on the court rout. (maybe if it wasn’t for this judge it still would be in the courts-props to the judge too) anyway, this is hopefully a step towards a more secure network, however small the step may be. I for one am not a hacker or a programmer but I do see the big picture clear enought to see the worth of exploiting the loop holes in a non-destructive matter so that the loop holes get closed. Someones gotta point out the breaks before someone else with less desirable intentions exploits them.

Mark Regan says:

My Book On How To Assassinate The President - Tips For Terrorists

Old News. The Secret Service and Homeland Security Depts went to court and obtained a restraining order prohibiting me from publishing my book way back in 2004.

The restraining order is active until January 20, 2009, but there won’t be a market for my book after that date, except for maybe a few racists, and MY book was written specifically to appeal to Moslems and Arabs.

Our government claims to be FOR private enterprise and to reward initiative, but see what four years of hard labor on my book got me? A restraining order.

I empathize with those MIT students. Let those terrorists fend for themselves. We certainly don’t want to give them a roadmap to make it easy for them to bring us to our knees. That is one reason why mass transit systems run at irregular times, to keep them off balance.

Terrorists would not have had to resort to shoe throwing if they had been allowed access to my book. They would have found out that the best way to remove the incumbent President would be to encourage him to go hunting with his Vice President.

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