What You've Been Missing Over At The Insight Community

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We’ve been pretty busy on a bunch of fronts and haven’t had much of a chance to mention some of what’s going on over at the Insight Community lately, and wanted to pass along some of the cool things that have come out of there recently. First up, we had a case sponsored by IBM and Intel all about virtualization that went amazingly well. Originally, the plan was to only take the three best insights and put them on the Virtualization Conversation blog, but they were so blown away by the content that they agreed to up the deal to take eight. Check out Stephen Foskett’s post looking at where virtualization of data center infrastructure will take companies in the future. Then there’s David Mould looking at three scenarios that benefit from virtualization. More posts will be going up soon.

Then, of course, the community’s been doing some great work diving into all the various details of digital nomads for the crowdsourced whitepaper about digital nomads, sponsored by Dell. The community has already generated nearly one hundred different insightful thoughts on how the rise of digital nomads impacts everything from business decisions, workplace environments and IT decisions. From all that great content, a fantastic digital nomads wiki has been created, and some of the best output from that wiki has been turned into a downloadable whitepaper (pdf) if you’re looking to understand things like how to determine the ROI on digital nomads in your business.

And, of course, there have been a variety of ongoing Insight Community insights showing up on American Express’s Open Forum blog (including a post I did on what small businesses can learn from Tabasco sauce). There’s plenty more going on in the Insight Community as well, we’ve got a bunch more lined up and coming soon, so if you’re not already a member, why not?

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Comments on “What You've Been Missing Over At The Insight Community”

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Lawrence D'Oliveiro says:

Virtualization--Who Needs It?

It seems like the whole need for virtualization arose from the habit of people looking after Windows servers of running each application on its own server. Apparently closed-source Windows apps are so badly behaved that, if one malfunctions, you can’t be sure it’s not the fault of another app running on the same machine. We knew that was true on the Windows desktop, it’s surprising to some of us to discover it applies on the Windows server as well.

Contrast this with Unix/Linux systems, which habitually run whole bunches of apps on the same machine, while still managing to maintain uptimes of months. How come? Because there is a culture of discipline in the *nix environment, which means developers of different apps know how to stay out of each other’s way, and defer to the person in charge of the machine to have the last word.

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